Texas meets renewable energy goals 15 years early

Texas has reached its goal of having 10,000 megawatts of renewable energy capacity this year, 15 years earlier than scheduled, thanks to an ample supply of West Texas wind.

According to a report filed with the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) Friday, the Lonestar State has 10,367 megawatts of renewable energy capacity, and generated 21,594,278 megawatt-hours of clean electricity in 2009.

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  • jayare

    did anyone look at how pretty all of those wind mills looked.when we start cutting down all the trees that are in the way we can start painting the wind mills green so they look get the same power out of wind mills that comes from one coal fired power plant you need some three hundred acres or so

    • davchaz

      LOLOLOL @ jayare… It’s obvious you’ve never been to West Texas! There’s not anything that could be mistaken for a tree for miles and miles out this way! Besides, the turbines are 200 feet in the air. Sure would take a pretty big tree to get in the way of that!

  • davchaz

    So… when we leave the union not only will be control 1/3 of the oil and natural gas, but we will also have excess electricity capacity that we can sell to the highest bidder. LOL

    There’s an old joke about why the wind blows so hard in Texas… It’s because Oklahoma sucks!

    Apologies to my Okie friends…