The trouble with angels: Miranda Kerr bares all for GQ [SLIDESHOW]


Last time Miranda Kerr did a photo shoot for GQ, she almost got an Australian banker fired.  Three months later, the Victoria’s Secret angel’s back in front of the lens, wearing decidedly less clothing.  Now the question is, who will get fired this time?

In her interview for the magazine, Kerr recalls that the man’s near firing was a, “huge deal…I wasn’t offended. I just felt sorry for the poor guy.”  GQ recounts the incident:

The problem was that one of the banker’s colleagues was being interviewed on live TV in their office at the time, talking about interest rates, while the poor banker in the background clicked through the photos. Four million YouTube hits later and the busted broker had become a phenomenon.

When confronted with the possibility that the poor banker might run into trouble again once the new photos appear, Kerr suggests a “brilliant idea:”

“We should send him a signed cover! He can read the magazine at home instead of at work on the Internet.”

A fine idea, indeed, Miranda. While she may appear pretty dirty in this shoot, she can hold on to her claim to being an angel.

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