John Mark Karr re-emerges to form a JonBenet cult

When the world last saw him, in 2008, he was also being led away in handcuffs — after being arrested in a domestic dispute with his girlfriend at his parents’ house in Atlanta.

Two years later, John Mark Karr is back.

The accusation this time is that Karr, 46, a reputed pedophile who married a 13-year-old and later a 16-year-old in the 1980s, has been trying to create a cult of JonBenet Ramsey lookalikes he is calling “the Immaculates” — blonde girls as young as 4 years old with small feet — and has been threatening harm to one of the girls, whom he used to recruit others and who escaped from his influence.

The news of the cult and the fresh accusations come from 19-year-old Samantha Spiegel, who says she met Karr when she was 9 and he was a teacher’s aide at the elite Convent of the Sacred Heart Catholic School in San Francisco, where he briefly taught her fourth-grade class.

Full story: – John Mark Karr Re-Emerges to Form a JonBenet Cult

  • Momma M

    Either stick this man in some sort of mental hospital FOREVER, put him in jail – forever… Or just cut his… throat, and dump him in shark infested waters!
    Why in the name of Heaven is this man allowed to ‘hunt’ children?

  • TxGold

    He needs to be put away!!

    • desmo1121

      castrated then put away with a tattoo pedophile on his forehead! The inmates will take care of the rest!

      • noonespetgoat

        Don’t forget to pull all of his teeth and give him a colostomy before he gets to prison.

        • anniebanannie

          Um……um,,pulling teeth and colostomy…somewhere in there is a joke about how to pull teeth with a scope, but I just can’t make it.

          • Momma M

            I think he wants to ensure “clear passage” for Bubba….You know, ‘easy access”…. Nothing he doesn’t deserve, that’s for sure.