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Why move next door to Sarah Palin? Because everybody hates her!

That’s according to Joe McGinniss, Jr., the son of the guy who’s preparing for his upcoming book on Palin by moving in right next to her. According to Ben Smith, McGinnis, Jr. wrote the following in an e-mail response to a critic of his father’s move:

“No one is stalking anyone. A woman was renting her house and sought out the author because the Palins had crossed her (owed her money for renovations she had done at their request and never paid her for). So she knew McGinniss was writing the book and found him and offered him the house…”

McGinniss, Jr. wrote that Palin is “inspiring a lot of hate in people, appealing to so many of people’s worst instincts. Sad and scary.”

It certainly is sad and scary, for very different reasons than he means.

So this neighbor is the one who got the ball rolling, due to some money she says the Palins owe her. Everybody knows that when you have a business dispute, you take action by reaching out to a bestselling writer and saying, “Let’s you and them fight!”

At the very least, the Palins can take comfort in this: As a journalist moving into a new neighborhood, Joe McGinniss is required to go door-to-door and inform his new neighbors that he’s a registered facts offender.

P.S. Our own Alex Pappas talks to Palin’s brother:

Critics have countered that anyone as famous as Sarah Palin has a reduced expectation of privacy. Her 48-year-old brother, a schoolteacher in Anchorage, doesn’t see it that way. “Sarah hasn’t gone after the publicity, the publicity has gone after her,” he said. “She’s getting out there and she’s doing all she can to help this country.”

That’s the whole point of this kind of stuff, to warn Republicans away from public life. It’s just never been this blatant before.

The next time some celebrity complains about the paparazzi, ask them if that includes what’s happening to Sarah Palin. If not, why not?

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  • erick1740

    So who is the creepier moron, him or his son? Maybe Mcginness will go meet a nice large kodiak for lunch.

  • slightlyaboveaverage

    Classic Burge gold:

    “It’s not enough that we treat media veterans with revulsion and contempt. They also deserve our pity.”
    Among the programs Treacher suggests are intensive anger management, drugs, psychotherapy, lobotomization, and “an anti-retard patch of some sort.”
    “Maybe they could spend some mandatory shifts at the Sudoku desk, to help them with math and reasoning skills,” he adds.

    And to clarify…again:
    Sudoku DOES NOT require any Mad Math Skillz.
    But haiku does (just ask TomDoof and the painful lesson he learned!).

    The More You Know

    • toddthesofaking

      Haven’t seen tomdoof around lately. Boy, that brings back memories. Good times, good times . . .

  • cobalt blue

    This is the same Joe McGinniss that settled a case brought against him by a triple murderer. McGinniss ended up paying over $300,000 to Jeffrey MacDonald, who was the subject of McGinniss’ book, Fatal Vision.

    How incompetent do you have to be as a journalist to end up owing that kind of money to a mass murderer? McGinniss-league incompetent, as it turns out!

    From Wikipedia article on MacDonald:

    “MacDonald subsequently sued McGinniss in 1987 for fraud, claiming that McGinniss pretended to believe MacDonald innocent after he came to the conclusion that MacDonald was guilty, in order to continue MacDonald’s cooperation with him.[20] After a trial, which resulted in a mistrial on August 21, 1987, McGinniss and MacDonald settled out of court for $325,000.”

  • lalyvie

    So, the new story is the neighbor made him do it?

  • grayzel

    Creepy is not a strong enough word for this strange behavior.

  • Jamfish

    Just when you thought the father was the only creep…