Villaraigosa acknowledges attending some premier events free of charge

Since taking office in 2005, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has sat courtside next to movie mogul Jeffrey Katzenberg at three Lakers games at Staples Center. He has cheered alongside Tommy Lasorda and Dodgers owner Frank McCourt in the owner’s box at Dodger Stadium. Rarely has he missed an awards show: the Academy Awards, the Grammys, the Emmys and the BET Awards —anywhere there was a red carpet in Los Angeles, odds were Villaraigosa was photographed standing on it.

It’s no surprise that the mayor attends many of the city’s premier sporting and cultural events. But Villaraigosa acknowledged this week that he goes to some of them free of charge. He said he considers those appearances to be part of his official duty to promote and represent Los Angeles.

State and city laws require politicians to report gifts they receive — and say who gave them — and limit the value of tickets they can accept to $420 from any one source in a year. Elected officials are exempt from those requirements, however, if they conduct official business or have a “ceremonial” role at an event.

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  • seekingtounderstand

    Are all hispanics as racist and corrupt at this LA Mayor? It explains why Mexico is like it is. Illegals want to turn America into Mexico, corrupt and lawless, just like they are used to.
    When the money runs out they will move to corrupt a new place as they have no loyalty. This mayor needs to be investigaged for tax crimes as he clearly took advantage.

  • praxis7

    Oh, and LA under Villaraigosa’s uh, ‘leadership’ has become insolvent. And the city will go into default within two years. Biggest city evah to go t*ts up. All thanks to the Villa, his cronies and sycophants.

  • praxis7

    When the state of Arizona reciprocates Villaraigosa’s vacuumhead (stupider than an airhead) boycott of their legally, economically and morally necessary law, and cut off 25% of the electrical power to the city of LA that will put a dent in the mayor’s social schedule of free events…

    • Momma M

      I certainly wish Arizona would do just that, too!

      • boodood

        Yeah, that WOULD get Chebama to send in the National Guard. Selective law enforcement is a key part of progressive/socialist/fascist regimes

  • billbrady

    Everything this guy does is “ceremonial” and superficial. He sure isn’t a mayor.

  • Momma M

    He’s the mayor of Los Angeles, He’s a democRat, He’s apparently also served Obama as a member of his “Transition Economic Advisory Board”. With that said, there’s no surprise here.

    He’s a liberal. He’s ENTITLED to these events. He’s ENTITLED to rub elbows with celebrities and career politicians, at no expense to him. That expense, obviously belongs to his constituents. (sarc)

    He’s a prime example of what we DON’T want in politics – Local, State or National.

  • thephranc

    Celebrity politicians…..

  • FreedomRocket

    How ethnic of him.