Study: ‘Wal-Mart Moms’ shifting away from democrats

The so-called “Wal-Mart Moms” — a group of traditionally Democratic-leaning, Wal-Mart-shopping, childrearing female voters — may be shifting toward Republicans in 2010, a new study shows.

The poll, commissioned by Wal-Mart and carried out by both Democratic and Republican research firms in May, has left political strategists wondering how to craft messages and policy to appeal to the swing group, which makes up 16 percent of the electorate.

As a voting bloc, Wal-Mart Moms approve of President Obama (53 percent), self-identify as Democrats (43 percent), heavily support environmental groups (75 percent), and favor gay rights (51 percent).

But the same bloc, which voted for Obama over McCain in 2008, supports the National Rifle Association and conservative religious groups by more than 50 percent. Nearly half (46 percent) of Wal-Mart Moms say they support the Tea Party movement. As a whole, the poll found that most Wal-Mart Moms consider themselves to have “moderate” political views.

“They’re conflicted,” said Republican pollster Neil Newhouse, who co-authored the study. “They like Obama, and they want more activist government. But when it gets to specifics, they disagree.”

On one hand, 60 percent of those polled said that they believe “government should do more to solve problems and help meet the needs of the people.” But specific policy proposals that require a more heavy-handed government — take the recently passed health-care overhaul, for example — find favor from only 14 percent of the group. In fact, 42 percent said that the Affordable Care Act would make things worse for them and their families.

But the finding that will likely make incumbents and political strategists most nervous is that more than 61 percent of the group said it disapproves of the job that Congress is doing in Washington. With so many battleground states for the taking in November, the study shows that Wal-Mart Moms are tilting toward Republicans.

“It shows how swing and up for grabs they are as a group,” said Margie Omero, President of Momentum Analysis, a Democratic polling firm that conducted the Wal-Mart survey.

To appeal to the voting bloc, Newhouse said, parties must show how issues will affect Americans directly and shy away from talk of deficits and government spending.

“You’ve got to personalize the issues rather than talk about the federal budget in Washington,” he said.

In the wake of one of the worst recessions in decades, most of the Wal-Mart Moms said that the economy is the most important issue. According to the study, two-thirds of those polled said that they were dissatisfied with their own financial situation, and almost half admitted that they felt anxious about falling out of their present social class.

“These women will carry a significant financial burden with them into the voting booth,” the study’s authors concluded. “Candidates ignore this key voting segment at their own peril.”

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  • clw

    Women who shop at Walmart are already budget conscious, if the economy is tanking of COURSE they will having to tighten the belt even MORE, PLUS pay higher taxes under Dem rule, PLUS add more debt to their debt burden. I’m sure even the lesser politically savvy people are aware of THAT much thru sound bytes on Leno, and they probably also know alot of people, family members included, and including some of THEM, who are out of JOBS, since 1 in 5 people are unemployed. I wouldn’t be surprised if they wanted to return to relative prosperity under Rep rule.

  • independentvoter

    who comes up with this crap..? Only Dems shop at wal-mart? are they saying the Republicans have to much money to shop there or that they don’t like to save money too?? Don’t worry wally mart will have LESS Dems shopping there when they raise their prices to cover having to be UNIONIZED..

  • gatortarian

    “You’ve got to personalize the issues rather than talk about the federal budget in Washington,” he said

    To me the federal budget is personal, I wish it was for more people.

  • unkeeaf

    Anyone who votes Democrat is not paying attention. Did Bush spend too much? Yes, but Obama is spending at a level four times greater than Bush. These guys will bankrupt this nation if we don’t get them out. No other issue should matter at this point. It’s all about cutting spending.


    Liberalism summed up in art: http://bit.ly/61qc1p

    • Momma M

      I agree, the problem is … ALL the issues will require more money… And THAT they aren’t getting if the American Voters are actually allowed to have their say!

  • Momma M

    (Grrrrr… “posting to fast, slow down” what the heck, people?)

    I could be considered a “WalMart Mom”… or at least a grandmother – but I’d be willing to bet a dime to a donut that 75% of them don’t even understand the issues.

    They’re far too busy raising kids (often without a husband) and working to have time to read, research, or form their own opinions. At best, they read a mainstream media headline (with all it’s obvious bias) and that’s that….

    Why is it necessary to break down the American people into “groups”… Walmart must love having it’s own sorority! (Not to mention purchasing their newest politican in Chicago)
    Then there are the black groups, the white groups, the LEGAL mexican groups and the ILLEGAL mexican groups… Lets not forget the gay groups, cross-dressers and…. well, you get my point.

    Bottom line, the proof is in the pudding… All this speculation, these polls, this spin will be addressed in November… 2010 and 2012!

  • gringott

    What a concept. Tell them the truth.

    If you ask someone, ‘Do you want a free sandwich?’ of course they say yes.
    If you tell them, ‘Your taxes are going up to pay for that free sandwich’ of course they say no.

    What’s to understand?

  • emem

    I am not surprized that professional pollsters do not fully understand the prevailing sentiment around the country. Nor am I surprized that Congress has continued down theses most unpopular policy paths. We don’t like and they don’t care.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Chris-Tucker/1563380968 Chris Tucker

    “The poll, commissioned by Wal-Mart and carried out by both Democratic and Republican research firms in May, has left political strategists wondering how to craft messages and policy to appeal to the swing group, which makes up 16 percent of the electorate.”

    I could tell ’em exactly how to craft their message.

    STOP ‘crafting’ the message. Tell the truth, you sorry sons of b*tches. Forget the spin. Forget the lies. BOTH parties.

    If the public rejects your true and stated goals then SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP! Let those who speak the plain truth lead. They certainly can’t be as bad as those who claim to be centrist and then govern socialist or those who claim to be conservative and govern progressive.