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Dear Al Gore climax deniers: Why do you keep ignoring the computer models?

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If this woman really has a sample of Al Gore’s DNA, can’t we use it to make some clones? What’s going to happen on the day when, Gaia forbid, Al’s not flying around the planet anymore telling people not to fly around the planet? The fate of the Earth is too important. We should make an entire army of Al Gores. The Green Lamenter Corps!

(Hat tip: Hot Air)

P.S. Speaking of superheroes: Molly Hagerty holds up her baggie of black pants, and 10 minutes later Wonder Woman shows up wearing… black pants??? Are we supposed to believe that’s a coincidence? Actually, I guess it would have to be.

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  • ChickFight

    Truly awesome recap. My favorite part of the Hagerty testimony is when Gore starts playing adolescent pop songs on the ipod dock; one was an anti-Bush song by Pink, the other was some hippie schlock about a woman’s spiritual longings or some such nonsense. Gore tried every angle that my 15 year old son has too much integrity to attempt on even the dumbest girl. And everytime he failed, he threw a hissy fit! LOL! There is truly no bigger douche in American history than Al Gore.

  • elgordo

    You would think a multimillionaire (and former Senator) who claims to be smart and tech-savvy would know how to order high-priced escort.

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  • australopithecus

    Is this what you get for inventing the internet?

  • australopithecus

    Is this what the gamers call an fps?

  • australopithecus

    Is this what they call peer review?

  • windrdr

    After the music video, no way I’m clicking on that. Circle of trust, buddy.