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Rachel Maddow used to look… well, a lot different

Via UnAmericana, here’s one of Rachel Maddow’s high school yearbook photos:

Heya, dollface


Will Media Matters get madder than usual if I say she was very lovely? No, I probably shouldn’t say that because we shouldn’t judge people by their looks, especially if they’re not men. It’s what’s inside a person that counts. Oh crap, I can’t say that either! Um… she looks different now, but it doesn’t matter, but she still looks good, both then and now, even though it doesn’t matter? Oh boy, what a minefield… I mean person! Oh person.

  • GP

    That wig doesn’t fool me. It’s a MAN, baby!

  • rlynh

    Sorry, Treacher, you may think she was lovely in high school, but that photo looks like a boy in drag.

  • dandapani

    She still looks like a man.

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  • davec

    Tiger Woods emailed me to say he would hit that.

    Jesse James also.

  • javelinabomb

    I can still see the adams apple.

  • ohthehugemanatee

    What would possess her to give that up to look like a man?