Meet Colorado’s Ken Buck, the next Sharron Angle

You’ve probably heard of Marco, Rand and Sharron. But don’t be surprised if you see the name Ken added to that list of insurgent, Tea Party heroes.

Republican Ken Buck, riding the tide of his unforeseen surging Senate campaign in Colorado, is angling to join the club of once-seen-as-long shot GOP candidates who’ve beat out their so-called establishment Republican primary opponents.

“I think it is a classic grassroots versus establishment race,” Buck, running for the U.S. Senate in Colorado, said of his primary fight against Lt. Gov. Jane Norton. “And as much as the other side doesn’t want to accept that characterization, the voters are accepting it.”

In an interview with The Daily Caller, the Weld County district attorney acknowledged the similarities between his contest and those of Rand Paul in Kentucky, Marco Rubio in Florida and Sharron Angle in Nevada. It’s not hard to see.

Like those Tea Party-backed candidates, Buck was written off early in the race against an opponent with establishment support. Many expected him to drop out of the race when Norton jumped in the contest. But Buck stayed in, and in March, he won the GOP caucuses.

“I think Buck’s success is as much a story about Jane Norton as it is about Buck,” said Colorado State political science professor John Straayer. A SurveyUSA poll last month shows Buck with 53 percent, compared to Norton’s 37 percent. Her campaign, which has been arguing that she’s an ardent conservative too, could not be reached for comment for this story.

From the start, Norton has been seen as the “insider-establishment” candidate, Straayer said, and as the Tea Party element in the Republican Party became noisier, Buck “reaped the benefits.” The ever-energetic Buck—whom Straayer said gives off the image of the more aggressive candidate—was “fortunate to put his boat in the stream at just the right time.”

Buck attributes his rise to his non-stop grassroots campaigning in living rooms, churches and truck stops. “When we won the caucuses, despite really being outspent tremendously, I think it sort of legitimatized us in the minds of a lot of other people,” he reflected.

But also like the other Tea Party candidates, Democrats have pounced on Buck’s past statements, seeking to portray him as extreme.  He’s been quoted saying that while he’s not for “state sponsored religion” by any means, “we would be much better off with a closer relationship between church and state.” Critics have also pointed out comments he’s made about eliminating the Departments of Education and Energy and the National Endowment for the Arts.

Unsurprisingly, he rejects the notion that his beliefs are outside the mainstream. “I tell you what I think is extreme is having 13 trillion dollars of in debt and 100 trillion dollars of unfunded liability,” he said. “I think talking about how we turn to limit federal government is very rational. And I think that message is getting out in spite of the labels that others are trying to place on it.”

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Sandra-Willard/1168408139 Sandra Willard

    I was a Jane Norton supporter until she put out the attack ads on Ken Buck. I have switched camps. Republicans can NOT eat their own anymore. We have to rise above that kind of political strategy. It suicidal for the party, along with fiscal/social irresponsibility – voting for big ticket bills, adding on pork to bills, and voting for extreme left candidates for cabinet and justice positions. The Dems filibuster conservatives, the Repubs need to grow a pair and do the same. Dems hate when their tactics are used against them.

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  • davebarnes

    The primary in Colorado is not August 10th.
    The primary will be almost 100% mail-in ballots this year.
    That means that the primary is from July 19 thru August 10th.
    That is a huge difference from a traditional single-day event.

  • BoulderGuyTC

    I live in Colorado and support Ken Buck now.
    He won 77% of our parties caucus for the primary nomination, (how candidates get party support for the ballot) so Jane Norton hired a firm to petition herself onto the primary ballot. That will be a waste of money.
    She supported the state when they raised taxes $2B and she is a RINO to those of us who are strong conservatives.
    Buck has fought illegal immigration in our state as a DA and lauched huge cases against companies who hire them.

    • Taxpayer

      I’m also a Colorado resident and Buck supporter. Go Buck!

  • jstan442

    none of their labels are sticking to these candidates-what will the left do ?-prob create a crisis that they couldn’t possible let go to waste aka rahm emmanuel

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  • Momma M

    “Critics have also pointed out comments he’s made about eliminating the Departments of Education and Energy and the National Endowment for the Arts.”

    And these are bad ideas? I personally agree with him !!

  • des1

    A balanced budget and term limits? Oh yeah, the guy is practically deranged! {/sarcasm}

    So it’s racism, then homophobia, then misogynist, then extremist? Is that the current Liberal thought process?

    • Taxpayer

      I wouldn’t call it a thought process–I’d call it reflexive panic attacks.