Louis Farrakhan sends letter asking Jews for reparations

Last month, Louis Farrakhan, the “National Representative of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Nation of Islam,” sent a three-page letter to the leaders of 16 major Jewish organizations demanding reparations for alleged crimes Jews have perpetrated against African Americans.

Along with the letter, Farrakhan sent two books, “The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews” and “Jews Selling Blacks: Slave Trade by American Jews,” written by unidentified members of the Nation of Islam’s Historical Research Team. Elijah Muhammad’s National Representative claims that the books contain evidence of Jewish crimes against the black community.

“We can now present to our people and the world a true, undeniable record of the relationship between Blacks and Jews from their own mouths and pens,” the letter reads. “These scholars, Rabbis and historians have given to us an undeniable record of Jewish anti-Black behavior, starting with the horror of the trans-Atlantic slave trade, plantation slavery, Jim Crow, sharecropping, the labor movement of the North and South, the unions and the misuse of our people that continues to this very moment.”

The written diatribe continues with the Farrakhan proclaiming, “We could charge you [Jews] with being the most deceitful so-called friend, while your history with us shows you have been our worst enemy.”

Farrakhan graciously, however, provides Jewish leaders with a means for redemption: “This is an offer asking you and the gentiles whom you influence to help me in the repair of my people from the damage that has been done by your ancestors to mine. This is a wonderful way of the present generation of Jews to escape the Judgment of Allah (God) by aiding in the repair of His people.”

Of course, if they fail to bend to his wishes, Farrakhan “respectfully warns,” “in the Name of Allah (God) and His Messiah, The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, that the more you fight and oppose me rather than help me to lift my people from their degraded state, Allah (God) and His Messiah will bring you and your people to disgrace and ruin and destroy your power and influence here and throughout the world.”

Despite Farrakhan’s offered path to redemption, Jewish leaders didn’t take the letter well.

“This is an ugly and despicable document,” Morton Klein, president of the Zionist Organization of America and one of the recipients of Farrakhan’s letter, told The Daily Caller. “The most frightening aspect of the letter was the threat of ruin and destruction if we do not comply with his demands, which is why we, at the ZOA, have sent a letter to President Obama urging him to speak out against it…The President has spoken about healing divisions between Jews and the Black community, this is a great opportunity for him to do so.”

Klein continued, “I am very concerned about the possibility of violence from this,” he said. “Every week outside our office there are several of Farrakhan’s men in bow ties passing out ‘The Final Call.’ They listen to everything he says. You know, it only takes one to act on his threat and that is quite concerning.”

“Dialogue does not begin with bigoted accusations,” said Abraham H. Foxman, National Director of the Anti-Defamation League and another letter recipient, in a public statement. “Farrakhan’s call for dialogue with Jews is so outrageous and disingenuous that you can’t believe anyone would take him seriously. And yet he continues to fill convention centers with those eager to bear witness to his bigotry, and to believe that he holds the truth. One wonders why there aren’t more voices in the African-American community willing to stand up and reject his hatred, his anti-Semitism. When will good people in the community be courageous enough to stand up and say, ‘enough already?'”

“This is nothing new for Farrakhan,” Ken Stern, director of American Jewish Council’s Department of Anti-Semitism and Extremism, told The Daily Caller. “Anti-Semitism is at the center of his movement and ideology. Back in the 90’s he was doing the same thing, calling for peaceful dialogue but engaging in some of the most violent anti-Semitic language you’ve heard.”

Stern continued by noting that the books Farrakhan included in his package are just modern versions of the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion,” the infamous anti-Semitic tsarist forgery that claimed Jews were plotting to control the world.

“Like the Protocols blames all the ill in the world on Jewish conspiracy, Farrakhan is just trying to recast the Jews as being responsible for the plight of blacks,” he said.

The leaders targeted in Farrakhan’s letter were:

Abraham Foxman, President, Anti-Defamation League

Alan Solow, Chairman, American Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations

William Hess, President, American Zionist Movement

Bob Elman, President, American Jewish Committee

Dennis W. Click, President, B’nai B’rith International

Richard S. Gordon, President, American Jewish Congress

Rabbi Moshe Kletenik, President, Rabbinical Council of America

Rabbi Ellen Weinberg Dreyfus, President, Central Conference of American Rabbis

Jerry Silverman, Executive Director, Jewish Federation of North America

Stephen J. Savitsky, President, Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America

Martin Schwartz, Executive Director, Jewish Labor Committee

Lee Rosenberg, President, American Israel Public Affairs Committee

Wayne Firestone, President, Hillel: The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life

Herb Rosenbleeth, National Executive Director, Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America

Morton Klein, President, Zionist Organization of America

Jeremy Ben-Ami, Executive Director, J Street

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  • mrram

    One of the basis for the above mention books are emphatically not the “modern versions of the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion,” the infamous anti-Semitic tsarist forgery that claimed Jews were plotting to control the world”, but rather the Encyclopedia Judaica.

    For example:

    “When sugar began to be used for everyday consumption
    (15th century), *Marranos (‘secret Jews’ were Sephardic Jews, or Jewish people living in the Iberian peninsula) played a LEADING role in introducing
    sugarcane cultivation to the Atlantic islands of Madeira, the
    Azores, the Cape Verde Islands, and São Tomé and Príncipe
    in the Gulf of Guinea, and in the 16th century to the Caribbean
    Islands. They also brought the cultivation of sugarcane
    from Madeira to America, and the first great proprietor of
    plantations and sugar mills, Duarte Coelho Pereira, allowed
    numerous Jewish experts on sugar processing to come to Brazil.
    Among them was one of the first important Jewish proprietors
    of sugar mills, Diego Fernandes.”(EJ2007 ‘SUGAR INDUSTRY AND TRADE’ p.293)

    See also, “In 1639 ten of
    the 166 “engenhos” in Dutch Brazil belonged to declared Jews,
    while others belonged to Marranos who kept their Jewishness
    secret. The Jews of Brazil were not important as proprietors of
    When Brazil came again under Portuguese rule in the
    second half of the 17th century, many Jews emigrated to Surinam,
    Barbados, Curaçao, and Jamaica, where they acquired
    large sugarcane plantations and became the LEADING entrepreneurs
    in the sugar trade. Benjamin d’Acosta introduced sugarcane
    to Martinique in 1655, bringing with him 900 Jews (who
    were expelled in 1683). Sugar production was introduced into
    South Africa in the 1840s by Aaron de Pass of Natal. From the
    beginning of the 17th century Hamburg played a growing role
    in the European sugar trade – to a considerable extent thanks
    to the activities of the Marranos who had settled there.” (EJ2007 v.9 p.294)

    These are just two examples of the hundreds and possible thousands of references that can be drawn from this source (Encyclopedia Judaica 22 volume set) alone, about the Jewish involvement in the Atlantic triangular slave trade (Rum, guns, etc. = Black slave = sugar and other cash crops).

    Contrary to popular belief their are those who actually read and know the difference between “bigoted” data and empirical data. The charges of bigotry are total unfounded by the author of this article, those quoted or any commenter. Here is a question, is it not even more “bigoted, outrageous and disingenuous” to know the perspective from which Minister Farrakhan wrote his letter and having even went as far as to send the sources of his claim (which is proven by the source materials: “The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews” and “Jews selling Blacks”), all of which is based on Jewish scholarship? So, to condemn Farrakhan is to condemn Jewish scholars, historians and Rabbis as they are the basis that he and the Nation of Islam’s Historical Research Team produce these two recent works. And, as far as the, “possibility of violence from this”, this is not nor has it ever been something advocated by the Nation of Islam, as this is a matter of public record. Minister Farrakhan said, “in the Name of Allah (God) and His Messiah, The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, that the more you fight and oppose me rather than help me to lift my people from their degraded state, ALLAH (God) and His MESSIAH will bring you and your people to disgrace and ruin and destroy your power and influence here and throughout the world.” In this statement, he only included himself as the warner given the warning and not as the executor of that warning. SHAME!!!

    P.S. To would be African-American leaders, be careful. Know the ledge before you pledge.