Tea Party Express stands behind Mark Williams on response to NAACP racism resolution

A leader of the Tea Party Express (TPX) says the Tea Party Federation was wrong to banish one of TPX’s highest-profile activists, Mark Williams, for what have been described as racially insensitive actions.

Williams and the Tea Party Express were expelled from the federation after Williams came under attack for a satirical response to the NAACP’s resolution last week condemning racist elements of the Tea Party movement. The satirical piece mocked NAACP leader Ben Jealous in a “letter” to President Abraham Lincoln, and was used by critics to say Williams is a racist.

Joe Wierzbicki, a founding member of TPX, told The Daily Caller in an e-mail that the federation was “wrong.”

“Circular firing squads of groups within the Tea Party movement attacking one another accomplish nothing, and on this issue the Tea Party Federation was wrong, and enabled and empowered the NAACP’s racist attacks on the Tea Party movement,” Wierzbicki said.

He said it’s no big deal that TPX, which has been a very visible organization in the grassroots movement, was expelled too. “We’re really not concerned by it,” he said. “The Tea Party Express with over 400,000 members is far larger than the Tea Party Federation’s entire membership.”

Wierzbicki continued: “Most rank-and-file Tea Party activists think we’re talking about Star Trek when we try to explain who the ‘Federation’ is, which given the absurdity of their actions is quite fitting, since their action is alien to our membership.”

Williams said he would not speak to the media about the expulsion, but on his blog, he suggested his ousting was really the result of intra-Tea Party politics and the attempt to be seen as the real leader of the movement. “Mind you, there is no tea party leadership; every Tea Partier is a Tea Party leader,” Williams wrote. “But something happens when the stronger egos and personalities in a movement begin to feel a sense of ownership. It is not long before they act to claim and defend that feeling.”

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  • truebearing

    The very fact that different groups have different leaders, and names, highlights the independence of the groups that make up the Tea Party. It is a political movement, after all, not a party, and because it is a movement it is pointless to try to kick people out. If you don’t agree with a specific statement, say so, and move on. No one person owns the movement.

    Anyone who allows the pseudo-morality of political correctness to be the standard for the Tea Party is contributing to it’s demise.

    Criticism of the racist NAACP is not racism, it’s criticism. Williams may have poor timing, poor writing skills, or poor judgement, but his satire wasn’t actually racist. It was directed at racists. To attack him is foolish and confused thinking, especially when just today the NAACP was exposed by Breitbart for more of it’s clearly racist activity (Shirley Sherrod).

    If you’re going to divide and conquer, try using it on the opponent.

  • redbankrick

    Bravo for the expulsion of who I have deemed MONKEY MAN, around the net & on the radio show of a NY DAILY NEWS reporter here in NYC; for the double chinned & double dangerous Monkey Mark Williams for calling the muslim’s god a monkey & for being totally unable to defend us on natl. tv against charges of racism & non-denouncing of the neo nazi nut jobs that sometimes show up at non-NYC rallies (We’ve never had any & have a black master of ceremonies & an organizing board of people like me-of color). On my news blog I have several xs called for a boycott of the TEABAGGER Express Bus (my opinion not of the sites’s) & would like to see as a big Palin supporter her denounce the Bagger Bus of Clowns & Mark Williams. And trust me my readers know that I am ready & have been to confront & block any racist signs that I might see.


    • misanthropicus

      Oh, dear –
      I’m so impressed – so this is the fiecely intelligent Obamatons’ intelligence quotient?

    • anniebanannie

      ” defend us” Who is “us”? You don’t speak for anybody but yourself anymore than Williams did. You’re only a legend in your own mind.

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