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Old & busted: ‘Liberal media bias? Get real!’ New hotness: ‘Well, of COURSE the media has a liberal bias. Don’t act so surprised, rube!’

Jonathan “Too” Strong has still more on Journolist. This time, it’s a collection of choice quotes from election night ’08. Can you guess who they were weeping and fainting over? It’s also fun to note the various predictions they made that night and compare them to what we’ve got almost 2 years later. And of course, it’s even more proof that Spencer Ackerman is the DEADLIEST MAN ALIVE.

No matter where you fall on the political spectrum, I think we can all agree on one thing: It’s so nice to stop pretending.


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P.P.S. Go to Iowahawk’s Twitter feed and just scroll down. Dude’s on fire.

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  • Twaz

    I love the whole video. For me, it’s like political pornography. But I especially love this video at about four minutes in. Can I steal a line from The Specials? Too hot! Jeremiah, you’re too hot!

    In more seriousness, I am a graduate of law school, and worked in D.C. I also happen to consider myself a bright guy, even though I dislike having to write the previous sentence. Anyway, I remember going out to dinner with friends from school in 2008 and talking about Jeremiah Wright. People thought I was a enthralled to right-wing media to express doubts about Obama’s officially stated relationship with him. To me, the whole thing stank like city piss in August. But nobody else thought so. Whine, whine, whine, you right-wing know nothing.

    Whoops. Not so much. Whose credulity what?


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  • motionview

    What is it with Spencer Ackerman and all the tough guy talk? Does he even crack 5 ft? I have a feeling he’s a sub. Plus he’s clearly a racist.

  • australopithecus

    Ezra Klein, the Joe Francis of left wing politics.

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  • mojo

    Sez here (Volokh, I think) that Nate Silver(!!) doesn’t hold the DC “in much esteem” because, y’know, you published the top-TOP-secret Jourolist extracts.

    Be sure to toss and turn all night from shame, you guys.

  • slavedog

    My favorites:

    ERIC ALTERMAN: “F*cking Nascar retards…”

    MICHAEL HIRSH, NEWSWEEK: …a post-ideological presidency — what a novelty, and what a relief!

    Heh. Yeah, what a relief. Good grief.

    • tdpwells

      The best part about the Eric Alterman quote is how he’s identified as writing the book ‘What Liberal Media?’ and then saying what he said – that’s comedy gold right there. You can’t make this crap up.