Journolist’s anti-Palin crusade of 2008

As The Daily Caller’s coverage of the now-defunct liberal listserv Journolist’s 2008 Obamamania campaign grew more intriguing each day this week, a slew of emails hit my inbox asking variations of this: “So, when do you think the P-bomb’s going to drop?”

Of course, they were referring to the fact that there was no way in heck Sarah Palin could’ve steered clear of scathing remarks. I responded with, “My guess is it’s on its way.” And whad’ya know? Yesterday’s headline read: “Liberal journalists swapped their best lines of attack for coordinated ‘non-official campaign’ against Palin selection.”

Jonathan Strong’s assessment that the tone of the brainstorming among Journolisters “was more campaign headquarters than newsroom” was right on the money. He chronicled how the Obama camp – I mean, journalists – were in a frenzy to come up with ways to discredit Palin and drag down her appeal. So, they set out to counterbalance what they feared – that “Her decision to keep the Down’s baby is going to be a hugely emotional story that appeals to a vast swath of America” and that “Sarah Palin’s just been introduced to the country as a brave, above-party, oil-company-bashing, pork-hating maverick ‘outsider.’”

I was pleasantly surprised to see that Jonathan Stein of Mother Jones was savvy enough to realize that the “inexperienced” argument wouldn’t fly, recognizing that a likely comeback would involve a critique of then-Senator Obama’s inexperience. (I knew it was hoping for too much that someone would’ve had enough smarts to point out that Palin’s holding of two former executive positions would qualify as experience for a third.)

I was amused beyond measure to see Daniel Levy’s suggestion that “the non-official campaign . . . scare people about having this woefully inexperienced, no foreign policy/national security/right-wing christia [sic] wing-nut a heartbeat away …… bang away at McCain’s age making this unusually significant . . . ”

Hmmm. I wonder how many of the Journolisters listened to Levy. Let’s take a peek at what some former Journolist members had to say about Palin in 2008:

Ezra Klein wrote this in August 2008:

“The simple reality of his campaign is that, for reasons of message and age, his vice-presidential pick matters more than most.” He added, “And it is not unimaginable that there could come a time in his presidency when his understudy must sorrowfully step forward.” He later wrote, “She has no foreign policy experience. She has no experience making national policy.”

Matthew Yglesias wrote this in September 2008:

“Another supposed example of McCain’s independent streak is his decision to anoint the obscure and obviously unqualified Gov. Sarah Palin as his party’s vice presidential nominee.” He later added, “Never mind that she’s been governor for just 18 months of a state with a smaller population than Austin, Texas, or Jefferson County, Ky. . . . ”

Katha Pollitt wrote this on September 29, 2008:

“There is just no way Sarah Palin is equipped to be vice-president, much less president. She doesn’t know enough; she lacks the necessary grasp of, and curiosity about, our complex world; her political philosophy could fit on a bumper sticker: Us versus Them.”

She later wrote, “Palin’s only qualification for the second or, God forbid, the first job in the land is that John McCain thought she’d lend his sagging campaign a shot of estrogen and some right-wing Christian fairy dust.”

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  • beebop

    With no lingering respect left for the “profession” of journolism … I must nonetheless observe that “everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but not their own facts.” Substituting the former for the latter and assuming that 1) the public agrees and 2) you are correct is inexcusable.

    What became clear to me for the first time is that the left and the “women’s movement” are not pro choice but are in fact pro abortion. (I know, I know … silly me). If they were in fact for a woman’s right to choose, Sarah Palin would have been defended versus the victim of a pile on.

    Perhaps the most lingering damage of the jingojournolists is the fact that they turned Americans against Americans in a manner that I have never witnessed before in my voting career. And while I retain a party affiliation for the purposes of weeding out the real stinkers, I consider myself and shall vote with the thinking of an big “I” Independent. This also has the additional benefit of confusing the hell out of my former party.

  • marlynmonkey

    Ohh Observer, be nice.

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  • Nabuquduriuzhur

    It’s normal for the press to attack and try to destroy those of good character. It’s deliberate, calculated; motivated by the darkest of evils arising in the human soul and from those evils that the atheists claim not believe in. It took that type of evil to take pornographic imagery from various nasty websites and combine them with photos of our troops and voila, some Bolshevik-educated genius (for you liberals who get your history from some variety of Cannabis sativa inhalation or ingestion or the rumor mill, that is someone of the “little part” Socialist party that came to dominate Soviet Russian and later Soyuz Soviet Sotsialististicheskiy Respublix politics from 1917 to 1991) had his story about Abu Grave. Never mind that the editor for the UK’s Daily Mirror lost his job over using doctored images. The damage was done and our media very carefully didn’t mention the scandal that the fakery was in the U.K., allowing U.S. readers to believe it was all real. That is journalism today. I hope those journalists were proud. I hope you liberals writing in today are proud, too. You are the same: loving evil, hating the truth and desperate to hide it behind the lie.

    • Observer

      Secret identities on Journolist: I wonder how many really big named reporters were on Jounolist under fake names? I’ll bet that if a reporter went through and really examined EACH member of the list, s/he’d find a lot of FAKE names, that are probably Katie Couric, Charlie Gibson, etc.

      Remember how Ezra Klein so CAREFULLY monitored who could join the list? I say identify EVERY SINGLE name and email, see how many are fake, then see how many are really big names.

      For example, Kirsten Powers is FREAKING OUT over this story, so I’d be willing to BET she IS ON THE LIST…is there a Kim Podesta (Kirsten = Ki = Kim, Powers = PO = Podesta) or maybe a Kelly Prince? you know they all think they are so much smarter than we are, they probably did use their actual initials, or some other way for them to know amongst themselves who is who.

      I hope Tucker got the WHOLE ARCHIVE so we can pull out the Katie Couric and Charlie Gibson emails. Look at the time period right after they attacked her to see how many “high fives” were sent their way, and you can probably figure out what fake email Couric and Gibson used. I’d love the see the WHOLE truth come out.

  • pink

    Excuse me, but anyone with an ounce of brains didn’t need a journalist to tell her to be scared that Palin would be a heartbeat away from the Presidency. I watched her “debate.” I saw her speak in person. I saw her interview with Hannity. She couldn’t even handle his softball questions. She’s a great “product” but there’s no depth there. Even her campaign staff was embarrassed by her.

    The press didn’t/doesn’t damage Palin’s credibility — she does it herself every time she opens her mouth. She has nothing to say but platitudes. This great country of ours blah, blah, blah. S She believes dinosaurs and man walked the earth at the same time — like the Flintstones! She QUIT being governor to go make money, for heaven’s sake. Puh-leeze. Journolist did not bring her down. She does it to herself.

    And don’t be comparing Biden and Palin. Biden has a history of service and accomplishment in this country, unlike Miss Palin.

    Yes, lets hang these guys for talking on a listserv. We better not find them chatting it up in a bar, either. Really, I never saw so much hot air blown about nothing.

    Since this is a righty blog, let’s talk about the Republican agenda, instead. Oh, I forgot — there is none.

    • theprofessor

      How original….YAWN..zzzzzzzzzzzzz

      • pink

        And you are oh so clever, professor. You have nothing to say here. Insults and name calling are not discourse. “Professor” my ass.

        • theprofessor

          “Insults and name calling are not discourse.”

          says the guy who posts insults and calls names……

    • truebearing

      Well, if it isn’t GroupThink Pink! My favorite “useful idiot”. Spewing your talking point reinforced hate again? Did you check with Media Matters to make sure you are goose stepping the Party line? Way to regurgitate GTP.

      Palin governed a state to the great approval of her constituents. You couldn’t manage a lemonade stand if you were giving it away, and neither can Maobama. He cries at night, just wishing he had her approval ratings, or ability to manage.

      Nerobama needs a teleprompter to speak with 6th graders, LOL, or he turns into the Wizard of Uhs. Biden is a walking gaffe machine, and I will add, for your edification, got his ass kicked royally by Palin in their debate. He lied his fool head off through the whole debate. Of course, you Commies think lying is a virtue.

      • pink

        Palin “governed” a state for a whole two years if you count the time she was on the campaign trail. Then she left office to go make money and set up a Facebook account. I don’t call that admirable.

        You have no way of knowing it, so I will pardon you, but I have a very successful lemonade stand. And since I’m a commie (how retro!), I’ll happily share my profits with you.

        • truebearing

          Palin left her post as governor because of the blizzard of nuisance lawsuits that were bankrupting her, as the left intended, and costing Alaska lots of money. Palin and her staff were being harassed to the point she was having difficulty doing her job for the people of Alaska.

          You know this, of course, but don’t have the common decency to acknowledge truth, especially when it is counter to your irrational hate for Palin.

          I hope you can get over your jealousy over her beauty and millions of dollars made on her blockbuster book.

          I’m sure you do have a wonderful lemonade stand, with a delightfully sour taste. As far as your thinking “Commie” is retro goes, I purposely use terms that are “retro” and had meaning before the language was stripped by the solvent of political correctness.
          Communists, Progressives, Marxists, et al have hidden behind names with no negative history in an attempt to boondoggle the people, and to some extent, unfortunately, have succeeded. The left has painted over and polished the language it uses to obscure its lies and historical failures, so I’m just dousing their (your) lies with a stripper called truth. “Commie” connotes that 150,000,000-dead-at-the-hands-of-Marxist-regimes sound that I want to convey. Its really quite accurate. I guess you could say truth is retro too.

          • pink

            “Palin left her post as governor because of the blizzard of nuisance lawsuits that were bankrupting her, as the left intended, and costing Alaska lots of money. Palin and her staff were being harassed to the point she was having difficulty doing her job for the people of Alaska.”

            Perhaps. But mostly she left to go make a pile of money.

            When things get tough, the tough get going to write a book and speak at wine conventions.