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Two more members of Journolist identified

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In other throwing-people-through-plate-glass-windows news, super-deadly rhetorical ninja Spencer Ackerman still has no comment on why he advocates lying about Obama’s opponents to stop their criticism. Fortunately for him, the torch has been picked up by Twitter’s “Frackerman,” who is not Spencer Ackerman but an uncannily accurate glass-smashing simulation. Seriously, don’t click this link if there’s any glass in the room because IT WILL GET THE S*** SHATTERED OUT OF IT.

  • sunnyr

    This LIST should be made famous so everyone can see what corrupt aholes are in the “main stream media.” People like Joe Klein, Jeffrey Toobin, Eric Alderman, David Corn as well as nutballs from Politico who call themselves “journalists.” What a freaking joke these creeps are.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Roger-W-Isom/1447683034 Roger W. Isom

    WHITE TRASHERS!!!!!!!!

  • misanthropicus

    You know, besides the grossierty of the situation, it is also SOOOOO FUUUUNNNNY!
    The libs have been caught pants down, now everybody’s going to talk about this ’till the last worm will be chased from the rock – AND this will take weeks –
    And this Journogate thing will draw the oxigen out of anything Obama and his cohorts will try to do in order to put the focus on their, imaginary anyway, great statemanship –
    Great job, Daily caller –

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bob-Birchell/513647842 Bob Birchell

    The coming plate glass window holocaust?


  • sharinlite

    “An Error occurred” message happens a lot when I try to view videos posted on conservative sites…what gives?

  • motionview

    Don’t you want to just pinch Little Spencie’s cheeks and tell him how cute he looks when he’s getting worked up?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Roger-W-Isom/1447683034 Roger W. Isom

    Given. the TYPE OF “JOURNALISTS” Involved in this………
    HAD TO BE brought into THIS EQUATION I guess!!!!!!!!!!!

  • adamincalifornia

    Ackerman responds: “Racist!” followed by “Post the full context!” followed by a stream of expletives.

  • mojo


    Related to old Forry, by any chance? That would explain the deep-seated wierdness… And the penchant for secretive groups of do-gooders.