DNC mocks Tea Party movement, calls them ‘elite’

Democrats today mocked Tea Party activists with a fake “Republican Tea Party” agenda, arguing that the conservative grassroots are really elitists who are one and the same with Republicans.

“They talk about the Tea Party and make us think that this is some kind of grassroots movement harkening back to the Tea Party of the American Revolution,” an incredulous New Jersey Rep. Frank Pallone, flanked by other Democrats at a DNC press conference, said Wednesday.

But Tea Party activists today, he said, advocate positions that only benefit the wealthy.

“If you think about it, the Tea Party was out there trying to basically agitate against the king,” he said of the historical Tea Partiers, making a contrast with the activists who use that name today. “But many of these policies of the Tea Party — the Republican Tea Party candidates — really go back to the king or to the elite or to the wealthy and to the well to do.”

Pallone continued: “Please don’t be fooled by the label. The label is misconstrued. The reality is it’s the same old Republican policies and it’s putting the same old people in charge.”

DNC chairman Tim Kaine said the Tea Party is “the most potent force in Republican politics” before unveiling the DNC’s “Republican Tea Party Contract on America,” a list of what they say are the shared priorities of Republican candidates and Tea Party activists.

“There is no doubt that Tea Party and the Republican Party have fused themselves,” said Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison, who also pointed out that a great number of Republican members and candidates have signed a real document the Tea Party “Contract from America” that is very similar to the Democrat’s fake document.

But the Tea Party activist who came up with the “Contract from America” document says that’s just flat out wrong, and said his list is made up of mainstream ideas. The fake “Republican Tea Party” agenda released by the Democrats today, activist Ryan Hecker told The Daily Caller, doesn’t reflect Tea Party priorities.

“I was looking at the Contract from America and the document that they released and there’s only two similar planks,” Hecker said. “I’m a little confused at where they’re getting, ‘this is what the Tea Party stands for.’”

The fake document includes 10 priority planks for “the Republican Tea Party” like repealing the 17th amendment, which provides for the direct election of senators, and abolishing the Department of Education.

Hecker said the only similarities between the Democrats document and the Contract from America are the planks about extending tax cuts and repealing health care.

“It’s kind of funny that what the Democrats put out is a mocking of real ideas without offering any of their own,” he said.

Hecker also said that the Contract from America is not just open to Republicans, but Democrats too.

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  • truebearing

    Progressivism/Marxism has a long and sordid history of ruining countries and enslaving the citizens to a failed ideology, resulting in grinding poverty and severe oppression. Shouldn’t we be giving them some pet names, like they do to everyone else?

    Lets give it a try. We could call them: Slave-ists, Slavemasters, Slavemakers, Proslavers. Slavers, Thrallers, EnSlavists, Oppressivists, Lying sacks of dog …., (sorry, I got carried away with the truth).

  • truebearing

    The left always projects. Here are some examples:

    They call Tea Partiers “teabaggers”, which is an insult having to do with testicles in the mouth. Who are the people who do this particular thing? Gays! What political orientation are gays? Far left Democrats. They are the teabaggers!

    They call Tea Partiers racists. They also provide no evidence, as usual, but lets look at the groups who make up the left’s coalition.

    The NAACP is racist as hell. Whites should be taxed and restricted from job preference, admission to colleges, money for higher Ed, you name it. Blacks are to be favored in these things and more. Blacks call whites names like “cracker” but any word blacks deem offensive is off limits. Who are the racists again? Leftist blacks.

    Islamists, like the Nation of Islam, led by uber racist Louis Farrakhan. These Muslim groups don’t even try to hide their virulent anti-semitism, or hate of white Christians. Again, the left is racist.

    Leftist Hispanic groups want all whites out of the western half of this nation. They hate whites. Once again, the left is racist.

    The morons in the DNC are now trying to pin the “elitist” crap on the Tea Party, which is among the stupidest things I have seen in years. Who are the over-educated dummies telling us we need academics to run things because only they are smart enough? Who worships at the temple of secular humanism, the university? The Progressives. Who is ruining our schools from the “Ivory Tower”?, liberals, Marxists, Progressives. They are the elitists.

    Any time the left accuses the right of anything it is because they are doing it, or are about to.