In midterm elections, Afghan War barely surfaces

Asked what he considers the major issues in this year’s midterm Congressional elections, Claude Nicolas, 24, paused from munching on a sushi roll and crisply ticked off three: jobs, the economy and immigration.

The war in Afghanistan? “Wow, I didn’t think of that,” he replied, almost sheepishly. “That’s definitely a factor of how not on the public radar it is. It’s gone on so long people are tired of it.”

Virtually since the invasion of Iraq in 2003, the nine-year war in Afghanistan has largely been an afterthought in American politics. Though public interest has risen somewhat in recent months amid national debate over strategy, the firing of Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal and higher casualty counts, Afghanistan remains well down the list of voter concerns, polls show.

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  • rainmaker1145

    That’s because the war is only an issue for Democrats when they aren’t in power. They don’t have principles really, just “deal points” that they sell to members of the public who aren’t smart enough to realize they are being conned…

    If they really cared they would be outside the Regime headquarters protesting, but they aren’t. They only care for it as an issue to divide us with.

    Cindy Shehan would be there holding press conferences, but she isn’t. She sold her son’s sacrifice for corrupt political power. Talk about being a traitor to your own kin, wow!

    They like accountability as long as it never applies to them and that is what this all really demonstrates.