OPINION: Hillary for Vice President?

As President Obama sinks in the polls, Democrats and liberal pundits inevitably are searching for a scapegoat. The most likely victim appears to be gaffe-prone Vice President Joe Biden, who has become the focus of speculation that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton just might replace him on the 2012 Democratic ticket.

Former Virginia Gov. Doug Wilder, his state’s first African-American governor, touched off the controversy. Writing at Politico.com last week, Mr. Wilder argued that Mr. Biden’s tenure has been undistinguished and chock full of “too many YouTube moments.” He charged that Mr. Biden “has continued to undermine what little confidence the public may have had in him.”

By way of contrast, Mr. Wilder says that Hillary Clinton has excelled in her role. “Clinton has been nothing but a team player who has earned good marks since being asked to serve as secretary of state.” Having Mrs. Clinton join the 2012 ticket, he said, would revive the Democratic Party and reestablish the party’s working-class voters who found her appealing during the 2012 primaries against Mr. Obama.

Full Story: Hillary for Vice President? – WSJ.com


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  • Major_Skidmark

    Nope. Hillary knows BHO’s crew used some dirty tricks to get the nom. NEVER play dirty pool with a Clinton. Hillary will challenge Obama for the 2012 DEM nom. The Clintons have DIRT on Barry/Barack/Soetoro/Dunham/Obama (et al) She is gonna LEAK it. Remember, she and the inventor of the “human humidor” think Barry should be fetching them coffee.

  • artinflorida

    As a republican I say Hillary for President.
    She’s prepared for the politcs of Obama now.

    Hillary as VP?
    Why would she?


  • Callie369

    It still wouldn’t make me vote for Dumbama!!!! Furthermore, she would simply continue the spend and crash. Starting with Dumbamacare being changed to “Hillarycare which would be changed to reflect the Hillarycare when Bill Clinton was in office. She isn’t one iota better than Dumbama!

  • therewd

    No, Hillary challenges Obama in the primaries, wins the nomination as well as the general election.

    Her campaign slogan: I TOLD YOU SO.

    • Major_Skidmark

      The red phone was hooked up to an answering machine, BHO was out playing a round of golf when it rang.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/James-Benoit/1847313267 James Benoit

    Why in the heck would Hillary want the anonymity of the vice presidency? She’s much more likely play Teddy Kennedy to 1980 Jimmah Carter.

    A wounded, flawed, failing president with massive negatives being challenged by a popular (amongst the party faithful) icon. They wrestle themselves tired through a brutal primary season and a GOP candidate sweeps to victory.

  • recovered dem

    Why would Hillary even consider joining a failure of an administration? She’s got to be smarter than that.

  • krjohnson

    Nope, its not the 16% unemployment, the Afghan woes, the Healthcare bill and stimulus packages rammed down the public’s collective throat, it’s Joe Biden. He swore at a frozen custard store manager. That’s gotta be it.

    Do these people think we’re stupid?

    • AuntieMadder

      That’s right. Oilbama could run in 2012 with the ghost of FDR as his running-mate and he’d not win the Demonrat vote. Alternately, he could run with Jesus Christ or the ghost of Reagan as running mate and he’d still not win the conservative vote. Oilbama is a one-termer…that is, if he makes it to the end of this first and only term of his.

  • bayview

    Hilda would not play second fiddle to loser Barry. It would be Hilda as the DEm nominee, and Barry will be the basketball or golf czar.