Glenn Beck on Same Sex marriage

On last night’s O’Reilly Factor, Glenn Beck took a break from fighting his usual wars against Woodrow Wilson and the Progressive movement to answer Bill O’Reilly’s questions on why he so rarely covers “culture war issues.” An example of why is Beck’s brand new upcoming special on Calvin Coolidge, but beyond that, Beck doesn’t seem too terrified by the prospect of same-sex marriage.

Beck argued that he was working on cultural issues, just different ones from O’Reilly– namely, getting Americans back to their faith, whatever faith that may be. O’Reilly called the effort “noble” but ultimately difficult to achieve, at least more difficult than fighting the good fight on issues like same-sex marriage and abortion. On the former, Beck retained his longtime (but not very well-known) stance that, for one, “we have bigger fish to fry,” and the debate was pointless because the government has no place in marriage to begin with. “I don’t think the government has anything to do with marriage,” he explained, “it is a religious right.”

Full story: Glenn Beck | Same Sex Marriage | Abortion | Mediaite

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  • Scourge of Modernity

    This is why the so-called conservative movement in this country is going to go nowhere. Marriage is a public contract between a man and a woman to beget and educate children. The result is the family which is the basic cell unit of society. It’s not a private religious matter. In fact, no contract is so important to the fabric of a society, and if we don’t get it straight the result will be social chaos.

  • Skepticus

    Gay marriage, yuck.