Arizona lawsuit is latest to challenge to federal health care law

A host of Arizona lawmakers joined a conservative watchdog group Thursday in filing a 78-page lawsuit challenging the federal health care overhaul, becoming the latest party to enter the growing fight against the law at the local level.

The lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court in Phoenix by the Goldwater Institute and Arizona representatives, takes aim at several key provisions in the health care law, focusing primarily — as most challenges have — on the requirement to purchase health insurance coverage.

“Congress simply does not have the power under the ‘commerce clause’ to require an individual mandate. This is the first time that Congress has attempted to compel individuals to buy a private product,” said Clint Bolick, an attorney in the case.

Bolick called the law, which won’t go into full effect until 2014, unconstitutional and “one of the most sweeping invasions of individual liberty and state sovereignty” in history.

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