Some Democratic candidates distance themselves from Obama

Fight or flight?

That is the question Democratic incumbents and challengers in this fall’s elections are asking themselves when it comes to dealing with President Obama. Is the best course to distance oneself from a president whose job-approval rating has sunk below 50 percent and whose appeal to independents has gone missing? Or to embrace him and his policies — the majority of which remain quite popular with the Democratic base that will be essential to any victories that the party claims this fall?

Democratic National Committee Chairman Tim Kaine made clear in an interview with “Fox & Friends” last week that he thinks candidates distancing themselves from the president — and from high-profile congressional leaders such as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi — are making the wrong move. “I can tell you Democrats who kind of are afraid to be who they are, or pushing back on their leaders, I think they’re crazy,” Kaine said.

And yet, in campaigns across the country, many Democrats are doing just that.

Full story: Some Democratic candidates distance themselves from Obama

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  • ladylove

    as a registered democrat, I wish they had all distanced themselves from this man, way back in the primary’s and had all supported Hillary,

    we would not be in this mess now.

  • Major_Skidmark

    After 4 years in control of congress and 2 years of unlimited power all DEMs have to campaign on is it is all Bush’s fault. The DEMs only now realize that the radical marxists just sacrificed the DEM party.

  • Hex

    Yeah, these democrat charlatans in office will “run” from Obama, at least until after the elections, and then will go over to the WH and “kiss” his ring again! “We are back on board”! “You were right Mr. President, america is full of “useful idiots”!

  • dw

    The people who vote democrat have proven over and over that they can and will be fooled. All these democratic candidates have to do is say that the “d” next to their name stands for “Depublican”.