Conservative group calls on GOP for “emergency intervention” to block Obama legislation

In 2006, Democrats went public with a platform of a half dozen proposals, detailing what they planned to do if they gained the majority in Congress. They labeled it “Six for 06.”

On Tuesday, a Republican advocacy group will release their own similarly named program, calling it “7 in ’11.” But instead of things they think the GOP should do, the agenda being outlined by Crossroads Grassroots Policy Strategies is made up mostly of things they think Republicans should oppose or eliminate.

Crossroads GPS — the advocacy arm of American Crossroads — said on its website that the “7 in ’11” program “isn’t an exhaustive list of every important issue facing the country.”

Instead, they’ve dubbed it “an emergency intervention” to “reverse America’s slide toward economic and financial disaster.”

The program calls on the GOP to “stop” the Bush tax hikes from expiring at the end of the year, to “end” stimulus projects deemed to be “wasteful,” to “call a ‘timeout'” on Obama’s health care bill, to enact a “moratorium” on “government handouts to banks, automakers, labor unions and other politically-connected interests,” to “block” any bill putting a price on carbon emissions, and to “stop stalling” on securing the border.

On the nation’s looming entitlement crisis, Crossroads’ GPS proposes a commission to study the problem and suggest solutions, even though President Obama has already created a commission that has been meeting for most of the year.

American Crossroads was launched earlier this year, in part by former Bush White House advisers Karl Rove and Ed Gillespie, though neither man has a formal affiliation with the group. The president of the group is Steven Law, former general counsel at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, while the political director is Carl Forti, a long-time Republican political operative with experience on Capitol Hill and as a top adviser on Mitt Romney’s 2008 presidential campaign.

Steven Duffield, a former senior aide to Sen. Jon* Kyl, Arizona Republican, and director of the GOP platform committee at the 2008 convention, was hired in June as policy director for Crossroads GPS.

Here is the full list of the “7 in ’11” proposal:

1. Guarantee Low Tax Rates that Encourage American Economic Growth
* Stop the Obama tax hike time bomb scheduled to detonate on January 1, 2011
* Reform and simplify the tax system to strengthen America’s global competitiveness

2. Stop Congress’ Reckless Waste of Taxpayer Money
* End wasteful “stimulus” spending and pork-barrel earmarks
* Develop fiduciary-quality controls on Congress’ budgeting and spending processes
* Cut Congress’ ballooning travel budget

3. Aggressively Attack the National Debt
* Clean up the nation’s books and set a clear course to pay off the national debt
* Create a “BRAC” commission process to tackle entitlement reform

4. Reform Health Care Responsibly, not Ideologically
* Call a “time-out” on implementing Obamacare to protect seniors’ and families’ health
* Refocus on patient-centered policies that will lower costs and improve quality through technological innovations

5. End the Bailout Culture
* Impose a moratorium on government handouts to banks, automakers, labor unions and other politically-connected interests
* Require full public accounting of disposition of returned TARP and auto bailout funds, as well as how much “stimulus” and “jobs bill” spending is directly or indirectly funding government salaries and pensions

6. Protect our Borders, Enforce our Laws
* Stop stalling on implementing a complete American border security system
* Fix existing laws to ensure legal immigration that benefits America and those who play by the rules

7. Prioritize American Energy Development
* Block the energy taxes on American families that costly regulatory regimes will impose
* Speed up development of American nuclear, fossil fuel, and other energy sources

*This article originally misspelled Sen. Kyl’s first name as John.

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  • Momma M

    I’d like to add: TERM LIMITS

    This has to be a major push from the grassroots voters – we MUST stop the progress of corrupt career-politicians and their never-ending quest for MORE POWER.

    • krjohnson

      Absolutely. Term limits and end congressional pensions. They can fund their own retirement with their congressional salary and a real job once they get out of congress.

      The private sector isn’t that bad! Those of us paying your salary make do just fine.

  • Newly Minted

    They’re forgetting one long term goal – DEFUND THE LEFT!

    They got part of it by looking at the politics of the stimulus money, but they need to go after all the groups, ACORN, SEIU, Teamsters, etc. We need to have perestroika for NPR and PBS, and we need to enforce political diversity in schools that accept federal tax money.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Theresa-Whetstine/1638140941 Theresa Whetstine

    I like the “7 in 11″
    I especially like
    Call a “time-out” on implementing Obamacare
    Protect our Borders, Enforce our Laws
    * Stop stalling on implementing a complete American border security system

    I you are going to Fix existing laws to ensure legal immigration PLEASE DO NOT INCLUDE ANY FORM OF AMNESTY.

  • clw

    I guess the aim was probably “simple enough for the average person to readily grasp”, and it is. In the same vein as Rainmaker, (though maybe not as pessimistic) I think they are all a little too broad or vague. I think, like a resume’ they should try to be a LITTLE more specific. Maybe that’s to come. I’ll say this, I’ll take them over the Dems any day of the week.

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  • matedeirdre

    Sounds like some great goals. I hope they are able to get them done.

  • rainmaker1145

    This is the same old crap from the same old GOP that I have supported for the last 30 years that has gained our society NOTHING. This is just more corruption under a different brand name and anyone who believes this is kooky.

    Let’s go through it line by line and see for yourself:

    1. Guarantee Low Tax Rates. You notice they don’t have a solution for government taking our money and wasting it – just that they will take less of it. Okay, but name the year when spending went down under Republicans? Do you hear crickets? This means that our economy will still crash when we can no longer borrow any more money. This isn’t a solution for us, just a means of sustaining THEM>

    2. Stop Congress Waste of Taxpayer Money. You notice they don’t say stop the spending, just stop the spending they consider (in their excellent judgment) to be wasteful. In other words, they are making no changes to the broken system, just changing who gets to pull the levers because they are a corrupt bunch of losers who are going to victimize us just like the liberal pussbags have victimized us.

    3. Aggressively Attack the National Debt. Notice they have no proposals for reducing it, just appoint someone else who will say “you have to reduce the spending” so they can wash their hands of it. Sound familiar? Sound just like Obama who they hate so much?

    4. Reform Health Care. What happened to repeal? I tell you what happened, the same thing that happened with Social Security – they raised millions of dollars of political contributions off of it and routinely sell access to special interest lobbyists based on its existence. Don’t look now, but you have been sold out – by Republicans!

    5. End the Bailout Culture. Don’t end the spending, just end the culture. Another way of saying this is to say end the bailouts, but let us call them something else so we can keep supporting our corrupt power structure.

    6. Protect Our Borders. I missed the part of the pledge that said they would put the military on the border until the 500 foot high fence was complete from sea to shining sea. Did you miss that one too? They want the issue, not the resolution because they make money off of it.

    7. Prioritize Energy Development. How about a policy that puts nuclear energy development on a “crash basis”? Missed that one. I’m for drilling wherever the oil is and I missed that part. Did you?

    Thanks for nothing GOP. I’m glad I’ve walked away and into the Tea Parties. At least we mean what we say…

    • matedeirdre

      That’s not the attitude we need right now, get off the train to negative town and chin up. I was listening to the radio the other day and they asked a caller if they thought that this country was at the point of no return and the man said no. He said it was worse in the late 60’s and 70’s because the people didn’t care anymore, the people were allowing the government to push us down the wrong path, but now the people are really pushing back against all of this and are ready to make the sacrifices necessary to turn this
      thing around.
      It won’t happen in one election cycle, it took a LONG time for us to get here even though it doesn’t seem that way, and Yes we really need to purge the GOP of some BAD leadership, but we have to take at least one party back. A third party is not the answer.

  • citizen0000

    These all make sense, it will never work, the points are not wrapped in the emotional logic that git us here. Hope and change.