Obama jets to vacation with a huff and a jab

President Obama wasn’t content to just go on vacation to Martha’s Vineyard Thursday. Instead, he left town with a huff and then a jab.

Just before leaving the White House to head north, Obama slammed Republican senators for what he said was “obstruction that defies common sense” of a bill to help spur lending by community banks to small businesses.

The bill has been subject to wrangling between Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Nevada Democrat, and the Republican minority, with both sides accusing the other of not acting in good faith. Republicans have said Reid has not allowed them to offer all their amendments for a vote, while Reid’s office has said the GOP has continuously moved the goalposts of what they want simply to delay a vote.

But despite the president’s characterization of the Senate as still deadlocked due to Republican intransigence — “The Senate Republican leadership needs to stop its efforts to block it,” Obama said — Reid’s office said Thursday that Democrats and Republicans have a deal that will speed the bill to passage when the Senate reconvenes on Sept. 14.

After Obama landed in Martha’s Vineyard for a nearly two-week vacation (he returns Aug. 29), the White House announced four recess appointments: nominees that the president decided would not wait for Senate approval but would go straight to their posts without confirmation, where they’ll remain until coming back up for confirmation near the end of 2011.

Among the recess appointments was Maria del Carmen Aponte, who Obama put in place as ambassador to El Salvador. Aponte is a contentious figure who was once nominated by former President Bill Clinton for an ambassadorship to the Dominican Republic but withdrew after questionable past associations came to light.

Specifically, Aponte lived for eight years, beginning in 1986, with Cuban national Roberto Tamayo, who was suspected of being an asset for Cuban intelligence.

Republican senators had blocked Aponte’s appointment as they waited for a response to inquiries from the administration for more information about Aponte’s background. They sent a letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. But a spokesman for Sen. Jim DeMint, the South Carolina Republican who spearheaded the questions about Aponte, said they got no response.

“The White House continued to deny senators information, despite numerous requests, and then recess appoints her to circumvent the advice and consent process.  So much for transparency and accountability,” said DeMint spokesman Wesley Denton.

Obama, however, said his actions were necessary because Republicans were unwilling to “stop playing politics with our highly qualified nominees, and fulfill their responsibilities of advice and consent.”

“I reserve the right to act within my authority to do what is best for the American people,” Obama said.

The three other recess appointments are as follows:

  • Winslow Sargeant to be chief counsel of advocacy for the Small Business Administration.
  • Richard Sorian to be assistant secretary for public affairs at the Health and Human Services Department.
  • Elisabeth Hagen to be undersecretary for food safety at the Agriculture Department.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/David-Broadway/603685657 David Broadway

    The Obamas go away on vacation and stuff gets crazy at the White House. Apparently the Secret Service agents got bored and punk’d The White House on Monday.

    Check out their prank photo and read the story.



  • Momma M

    Coming from Obumbo… the statement: “obstruction that defies common sense” makes perfectly good sense… He’s internalizing AGAIN… He hasn’t got a lick of common sense to defy!

  • pepito

    Hahahahhahaaaa! So Obama goes swimming yesterday in the waters of Martha’s Vineyard and today the beach is closed because of high levels of fecal matter in the water.

  • jiminga

    Surely Obummer had a good reason for appointing Aponte….like, she speaks Spanish.

  • emem

    Obama’s use of back channel methods to accomplish his goals is disturbing and smacks of dishonesty. And shows what a conniving chicken he is that he’ll do anything to avoid the “conversation”. Yeesh, that really show a strong commitment.

  • ladylove

    up to his old tricks once again.

    why is he always appointing people, who otherwise would never pass investigations. of course the answer is exactly that.

    glad this democrat saw who this man was, how he won his first election, who’s house he choose to launch his career from , the church he attended for 20 years, after seeking it out on purpose, after listening to Wright on audio tape, long before he ever entered that so called church.

    glad I paid close attention to his lack of experience, who he associated with, his lack of any real qualifications, his lack of proper education, his embracement of BLACK LIBERATION THEOLOGY, AND WELL EVERYTHING THAT MADE THIS MAN A QUESTIONABLE CANDIDATE.


  • independentvoter

    No the uppity President and family went to hobnob with the rich and elite has to pretend he’s in their league while he can he’s about to come back down to earth with a SLAM in November..no one not even educated Democrats are buying his CON anymore.. he’s probley collecting $ for his retirement

    • SolipsisticToo

      When is uppity ever used to describe a white man?

      • thephranc

        When ever they are uppity.

      • theprofessor

        Only a somebody with racist thinking would even go there……

        • SolipsisticToo

          and you are the ahole. Own that.

          • theprofessor

            If correctly pointing out that you are a bigot playing the race card makes me an a-hole then so be it. I wear the name proudly.

      • JDoe

        Wow…RACE CARD played in under 60 SECONDS…..sounds like a NEW land speed record to me!

        Well played, ” Solipsistic ” …well played, indeed !

        • SolipsisticToo

          Well, the answer to the question is?

          I’ll give some of you the benefit of the doubt, maybe you don’t know that you are racists aholes.

          When using the word uppity one is saying that one is acting above ones’ station or position. How is a president uppity? Not really possible unless you are referring, either directly or indirectly to his race.

          You can be critical of President Obama for policy differences, political philosophy, even actions. Calling him uppity is simply racist.

          • theprofessor

            Wow, never saw the “I write the dictionary” defense used before.

            Perhaps you should use Webster’s instead:

            “The adjective has one meaning:

            Meaning #1: presumptuously arrogant”

            You are the bigot. Own it.

  • ChickFight

    How many effing vacations is this now?!!? What the hell is the point of Camp David? What an elitist douchebag! Soldiers are dieing! Iran is building Nukes! Drug Cartels are pouring over the border! The country is Broke! We don’t need more ‘lending’! We need Tax Cuts on small businesses! Lighten their load, don’t deepen their debt you idiot!!! Lay off the pina coladas jerk!

  • windrdr

    Oh, hey, astute move Skippy! Let’s send a Cuban Intel weanie’s live in girlfriend to a country that was wracked by a bloody, bloody Civil War for well over a decade, mainly due to massive Cuban support for the Leftist Rebels that terrorized the countryside into submission, and carried out an urban bombing campaign that made the current crop of Iragi and Taliban Jihadis look like pikers!