Barack Obama: It’s all about me

*The following is the second in a series of three excerpts from David Limbaugh’s new book Crimes Against Liberty, which was released on Aug. 23. You can read the first excerpt here and the third excerpt here.

Who is Barack Obama? To say that he has an enormous ego is an understatement. Many commentators, including psychological analysts and foreign leaders, have described him as a narcissist.

Obama’s patent self-confidence is not just posturing. It’s evident he truly believes he is special. He did, after all, pen two largely autobiographical books before he had accomplished much of anything. He once told campaign aide Patrick Gaspard, “I think that I’m a better speechwriter than my speechwriters. I know more about policies on any particular issue than my policy directors. And I’ll tell you right now that . . . I’m a better political director than my political director.”

Obama’s belief that he is a gift to the world is a theme he would carry forward into his presidency. He truly believes he alone has the power to reverse the mess America has allegedly made of world affairs, and that only he can restore America’s supposedly tattered reputation.

Indeed, it often seems that for our president, American policy is not about the United States, but about him personally. At the Summit of the Americas, Obama sat through a 50-minute harangue against the United States by Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega, who eviscerated the United States for a century of “terroristic” aggression in Central America. When it was Obama’s turn, he did not defend the United States, but made himself the issue: “I’m grateful that President Ortega did not blame me for things that happened when I was three months old.”

Obama’s numerous self-references soon became legendary. Obama referred to himself 114 times in his first State of the Union. By September 23, 2009, Obama had given forty-one speeches so far that year, referring to himself 1,198 times.  At his West Point speech in December, he referred to himself forty-four times. In a speech in Ohio in January, Obama referred to himself no fewer than 132 times and, in the same speech, had the audacity to proclaim, “This is not about me.”

  • truebearing

    Hitler had a troubled childhood and problems with his father. He hung around with the radicals of his day. He had associations with many gays. He had delusions of grandeur. He was a gifted orator. He was a pathological narcissist with messianic delusions. He had a lot of mindless idiots who worshipped him. He took control of industry. He implemented nationalized health care (with death panels). He believed in eugenics. He hated Jews. He had an odd, distant relationship with Christianity(eventually rejecting it and persecuting Christians too). He made alliances with Islamic nations, like Iran, Syria, and Iraq. He was an admirer of Karl Marx.

    I’m trying to put my finger on who Hitler reminds me of……

    • AlexZ

      You’re saying that 62 million Americans were mindless idiots conned into voting for a man who is very obviously Hitler reborn, but you know the real truth about him. Yes, of course that makes perfect sense.

      • truebearing

        Hitler was elected too, Zmoron. And though I never commented on the fact that the majority of Americans are mindless idiots for voting for him, yes, they were. Some still are stupid enough to support him, like you, a true mindless idiot.

        Would you like to provide some FACTS that prove me wrong? Oh, that’s right, ZTroll doesn’t do facts, or logic, or sanity, or…..

        • michael0713

          I agree with you whole-heartedly. In two years, he has managed to destroy our economy for a very long haul. If we don’t boot out the democrats in November, we just might see our total destruction. And Zmonorn, you better start embracing the idea of a second civil war.

          • pink

            Brace for a civil war? In other words, people better come around to your way of thinking or you’ll start shooting. I thought so.

          • truebearing

            The paranoids are coming after YOU!

          • truebearing

            Michael, the paranoids are after Pink, not you. Just thought I should clarify that.

  • Citizen Jerry

    Whenever someone says “It’s not about me,” it’s about as truthful as someone saying “It’s not about the money.”
    Limbaugh the Younger wrote: “He believed he was The One — a visionary whose great deeds would be remembered generations from now.”
    Sadly, he will be remembered generations from now, but not the way he envisioned. Simply put, this man brought a curse down upon our heads.

  • ladylove

    you mean the man who thought he could just go and ask to have the Olympics in his home town, and expected it would happen,

    you mean the man who accepted a Nobel Peace Prize, for doing absolutely nothing,

    the man who to get his health care fiasco passed, stated his presidency depended on it being passed.

    you mean the man and his wife who have weekly party’s, while the very people who elected him, are losing everything, and many do not know where their next meal is coming from,

    you mean the man whose wife, has no idea that as first lady she should be setting an example, but instead spends, spends, spends. who goes on vacation and takes 40 of her “closes friends, who thinks $500.00 sneakers are the norm

    you mean the man who plays golf, and vacations and thinks he does not need to address the Nation, when a terrorist, shoots our soldiers, harming and murdering in the name of allah, but waits three days, and then does shout outs, rather than addressing the tradegy that had just happened. and again when a would be plane bomber he again fails to address this event in a timely manner.

    when he and his wife do all this and so much more, with their let them eat cake mentality.

    you darn well know he and his wife as well, think only of themselves.

    • truebearing

      Show some respect! He’s Mr. Right of Entitlement! Le Grande Me! The King of em all Y’all! Lord ObaMe!

      NeroBama makes Hollywood look humble.

    • AlexZ

      Your thought processes are as mangled as your punctuation, ladylove. If it were anyone else but you, truebearing would have pointed that out.

      • truebearing

        ZPersecuted Whiner,

        Get off your feeling sorry for yourself crap. I don’t care about punctuation, spelling, etc, (unless it’s your screw ups). What I care about is truthfulness (you need not apply), integrity, moral clarity (you’re disqualified again), loyalty to the nation, courage to stand up for what is right, courage to stand up against what is wrong (your ilk), and people who believe in the values that made this country great (and that doesn’t include anything pushed by the hateful, backstabbing, lying, deceptive, weaselly, snide, disloyal, America hating, statist left). Any questions?

        Are you jealous of my friendship with Ladylove? That’s a shame. She’s more my type. I no lika ZTrolls.

        • pink

          I think you have a man crush on AlexZ, truebearing. I’ve noticed how you follow him around here and hang on his every word. It has been proven again and again that the worst kinds of homophobes (and you seem to be one of those) are usually covering for their own latent homosexuality.

          I love how you see an easy comparison between Hitler supporters and people who voted for Obama. Your gay-hating and lack of respect for the American people shows through your fake intellectual arguments. You might impress your girlfriend here and few other mental giants, but don’t wander too far from the echo chamber. Out in the real world you’re just another fringe creep.

          • truebearing

            Wow Pink! That was some mighty convoluted thinking you twisted up there. Lets take a look at your abject stupidity, for just a moment.
            First you accused me of having a man crush on ZTroll, and of following him around and hanging on his every word, but are clearly too stupid to look at the sequence of who posted their comment first, me, and who followed who around, Ztroll being the follower(Twice!). Having trouble with reading comprehension again?

            As to your “man crush” theory, yes I have crushed him repeatedly, but he’s not really a man, but obviously you’re trying to make a case that I must be homosexual or I wouldn’t refute him so much. Thats a fine mixture of non sequitur thinking, combined with moronic psycho-babble, but, after all, you are a psycho and no one babbles paralogic quite like you.

            You contradicted your homo theories when you later chimped: “You might impress your girlfriend here…” That was really stupid of you as well. You were trying to attack me in a hatefilled rant, and then negated your key premise. How retarded was that?

            I also noticed that you are always whining about being attacked, or some idiot you identify with being attacked, and here you are the one doing the attacking, and quite poorly I must add.

            So far, what I have gleaned from your drivel is that you are an angry, paranoid lesbian who projects your own hate onto anyone you disagree with, and you are as logical as a screen door in a submarine. :)

          • pink

            You protest too much, tb. Musta struck a nerve.

            P.S. You said “retarded.” Your Sarah wouldn’t like that.

          • truebearing

            Sure Pink, you’re like the guy who gets the crap beat out of him but says: “you should have seen what I did to his knuckles”.

            I think you have a crush on me. (the horror) you keep following me around, just like ZTroll.

        • pink

          Nah, I’m bored today, and it’s fun to push your buttons to see how much nonsense you’ll vomit, little man. You make it so easy, I”m losing interest, but I do want to say very sincerely that I know it gets lonely for you and your Mom in the trailer park. I’m very glad you have somewhere to play.

          • pink

            P.S. Your Sarah poster is still frowning over your “retarded” remark.

          • truebearing

            Think nothing of it, big girl. Hell, haveanother box of cookies and a quart of ice cream. You probabaly had another tough day on the street. I understand.

      • ladylove

        as usual when you are faced with the truth, you attack the writer, and even that was a pathetic attempt.

        as far as truebearing goes, the truth is the truth, and never changes.

        thank you truebearing, my friend, as always, I am proud to be called your girlfriend.


        • truebearing

          Isn’t it sad when mean spirited, small minded people don’t know any other way of expressing their pent up jealousy?

          Doesn’t it remind you of some of the nitwits on PD? Pink reminds me of CJ, and ZTroll reminds me of Whinehart Moxin.

          Is there a giant cookie cutter somewhere that spits these droids out?

          Thanks girlfriend! Poor Pinkie will have to settle for ZTroll, or Janet Napolitano, or whatever.

          • theprofessor

            “Isn’t it sad when mean spirited, small minded people don’t know any other way of expressing their pent up jealousy?”

            All while bitchin’ and moanin’ about how hateful the people that disagrees with them are. The hypocrisy is mind boggling if you try to follow their convoluted logic.

          • pink

            You express hatred for Muslims, for gays, and for anyone who doesn’t believe exactly as you do while you wrap yourself in faux intellectualism, patriotism, and your perversion of Christianity — and you call me mean-spirited and small? Alrighty then.

            Go ahead, take out your frustrations on me. That way when you put on your little blue vest and return to your job as a Wal-Mart greeter tomorrow, you can smile at all the lovely folk and fool them into thinking you’re normal instead of a very angry and hateful little man.

            Love to watch you reminisce about your life online with your girlfriend. Good thing for the Internet, eh? Or you’d have no life at all.

          • truebearing

            Show one place where I hate gays, Muslims, or anyone else. You’re such an idiot you think disagreeing, even disagreeing vehemently, is equivalent to hate. That is because you’re a typical brainwashed (bet that didn’t take much), dogmatic, nit wit leftist with a self righteousness that just won’t quit, and a brain that just won’t start.

            Opposing the leftist gay activists has nothing to do with hating gays, moron girl. I could care less what people do with each other as long as children aren’t involved.

            Honestly addressing the truth about Islamic doctrine has nothing to do with hating every Muslim. Yes I do hate the a-holes who took down the Twin Towers, and anyone who approves of that evil act.

            You are such a dolt that you equate truth with hate, which underscores how truly warped your perspective really is. Are you sure you’re not Janine Garafolo? Or Rosie O’Donnel? Medusa?

          • theprofessor

            gee, Pink, wassa matter? Nobody paying attention to you today so you have to come looking for trouble? Your 4th grade playground little-girl jealousy over truebearing having a friend is really pathetic and bordering on personality disorder. Have you discussed this and your self-confessed trolling tendencies with a therapist? I hear they are doing great work with psychotropics these days.

          • pink

            Actually, tb, you hate, wrap it up in fake intellectual arguments and then call it truth.

            prof, you ought to be embarrassed to be nothing more than tb’s toadie.

          • pink

            BTW, the jealousy charge really cracks me up. Sure are full of yourself, aren’t ya?

            Fringe, minority, crackpots. You’ve always been marginalized in this country and you always will be. God bless America.

          • ladylove

            you got that right truebearing.

          • truebearing


            “cracks me up”, “crackpots”, you sure do have a thing about crack. Is that your problem, you’re a crackhead?

            I know you’ve been cracked for a long time, and we’d all like to crack you, but I hope you find a psychiatrist, or witch doctor, who will take a crack at fixing your head.

          • AlexZ

            Oh, you are so, so, clever, truebearing. You have won! “I have pounded her to dust with my superior words,” you can say to your friends. Good for you. Claim your award as Star of the comment section! Aren’t we all so very impressed?

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  • brunnegd

    Obama’s ME and I attitude can be seen in his use of his campaign logo, promoting himself, instead of the Seal of the US President.
    Thanks for discussing his attitude in such clear terms. This was a discussion point during his campaign and early in his presidency, but has not been discussed much lately.

  • inky

    “Many commentators” have described him as a narcissist. What excellent journalism this is. Many “commentators” have also described George W. Bush and Dick Cheney as war criminals, so does that make their statements true? Of course, Obama has a big ego. So did every president we have ever elected. This is news?

    • nickel1951

      Wow. Thanks for sharing. What part of pathological narcissist is too complicated for you to understand. He isn’t just into himself, he not living or acting in reality. And he has the nuclear football among other powers that shouldn’t be trusted to someone unable to distinguish reality from ideology.

    • Jack Bauer

      Your comparison is a non sequitur.

      The concept of “war criminal” has a legal foundation. Commentators, journalists, shlubs like me, can easily make a rational case for or against based on established criteria and prescedent.

      The case that Bush is a “war criminal” has clearly not been proven to any serious observer based on the documented facts of what happened.

      As to the suspicion of Obama’s narcissism, this is a personality trait in an individual which is open to all sorts of analysis, by oberservation of the man in action.

      There is zero comparison to be made in the cases.

      • truebearing

        Good point. I think non sequitur thinking is part of the left’s genetic make up. They just love to concoct one hare-brained equivalency or another, and they are always deeply flawed.

    • AlexZ

      “Many say…” or “some say…” are often used these days by writers and TV pundits who are spouting opinion that pretends to be fact. Everytime I see it or hear it, I know everything that follows is suspect. And before anyone smacks me around, I didn’t say one side of the political spectrum or the other had a lock on this construction. It’s used on all sides.

  • Jack Bauer

    When I first got here people kept talking about ‘cloture’ and ‘reconciliation’ and ‘people don’t know what that’s talking about.’”

    Sure, anyone who know dem BIG WORDS is weally weally smart. And not just a normal person paying attention during civics.

    You know who Obama and his arrogant know-nothing ilk are like — kids who just discovered sex and think they invented the whole fuc*ing thing.

    • theprofessor

      “You know who Obama and his arrogant know-nothing ilk are like — kids who just discovered sex and think they invented the whole fuc*ing thing.”

      Ye gawds….that’s perfect!

    • truebearing

      And these are the same kids who f*ed up their wet dreams.

  • ChickFight

    Still waiting for the sea levels to normalize…

  • Individual

    great read.

    i wonder… how many times have other presidents referred to themselves in speeches? Was Reagan egotistical? Was GWB? Clinton?

    • nickel1951

      Well, that is an easy one. Clinto was a somewhat grounded narcissist and Bush was a well meaning but a little over his head pragmatist. Reagan clearly had more vision than the others combined. Now Papa Bush, not so much.

    • mamapajamas

      Reagan tended to use the executive “we”, referring to himself, his Cabinet, and his advisors.

    • mamapajamas

      PS: A lot of people got upset with Reagan, referring to his use of “we” as a Royal “We”. There’s a nuance of difference between a “royal” we and an “executive” we, the difference being that with the executive, the decisions are actually being made by more than one person and under advice, so “we” is correct. To me, it sounded a lot better than Obama’s constant, “I,I,I”. The only times Reagan used “I” was when he was relating a personal anecdote.

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