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One job WhiteHouse.gov needs to create or save: proofreader

When you go to WhiteHouse.gov, they’ve got something called a “Summer of Recovery Map.” So it’s funny already, right? But then it gets even better, because here’s what you see when you click on Delaware:

“Deleware”? Dude. It’s a state. A state that’s practically next door to the White House. You might as well have spelled it DeLOLware. Hey, maybe that’s Dan Quayle’s extra “e”?

Also, you misspelled “Summer of Us Dumping Your Money Down the Toilet. Say Goodbye to the Pretty Money. Bye-Bye, Money!”

P.S. Thanks to Findlayboy in the comments for pointing out that the fun doesn’t stop there. Try hovering your mouse cursor over the adorably useless “Recovery” symbol:

All signs are “encouring”!

P.P.S. And asĀ NetRight points out, it’s even worse because Delaware is the home of the Head Recovery Summerer himself: Sheriff Joe Biden! Or should I say, Sehrfif Oje Bnied?

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  • kmid219

    Too funny, I guess it’s fixed now. Is there a whitehouse.gov troll on The DC?

    I think the more important question is how does encouraging conservation create jobs?

    Roll over Arizona and learn about the new streelights in Mesa.

    • Jim Treacher

      Nope, still not fixed.