Skinny Jeans, John Wayne, and the feminization of America

Despite what feminists might argue, real men don’t wear skinny jeans. Real men also don’t wear V-neck tees, or accessorized scarves, and they avoid purple and pink like the plague. The mere idea of a pedicure or waxing makes a real man nauseous. If a woman hangs out with this kind of girly-man routinely, it’s only because she wants to share his wardrobe and his non-fat caramel macchiato. A woman can’t imagine a man reloading his double barrel shotgun or chopping wood when he’s donned in Donna Karan and drinking an Appletini. Men were meant to wear rugged Wranglers, leather jackets and boots, like they belong in a James Dean movie and not an episode of “Will & Grace.”

When did men in America go from being masculine steak-eating, plaid shirt wearing, Old Spice smelling, cigar smoking cowboys who like football, hunting, and Clint Eastwood movies to skinny jean wearing, satchel carrying, pierced ear metrosexuals who like chick flicks, “The View,” and Bath & Bodyworks? The American man is an endangered species due in large part to the over-feminization of society.

Full story: Skinny Jeans, John Wayne, And The Feminization Of America – The Philadelphia Bulletin Archives

  • Tex Expatriate

    When did many American men go from being masculine to “pierced ear metrosexuals”? The answer is, when American schools became government schools, when American teachers became NEA teachers, when so-called feminism became popular, and when the socialist ideology of the 1960s entrenched itself in America.

    You can still find plenty of real American men in the southwest, south, southeast, and middle America, but the influential media is filled with sissies. They make it look like there’s lots more sissies than there are.

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  • thesauce

    I guess she thinks pink polos will hurt the rock.

    I have a pink polo. I haven’t worn it but I got the number from the chick in lacoste that sold it to me. I don’t hunt, but I almost killed a deer once. With a car. And I felt bad about it. I’ve seen every Eastwood movie from High Plains Drifter to Gran Torino. Loved every one. I love football so naturally I hate the Pats. I like Starbucks, Halo, snug jeans, but not ball-crushers, my motorcycles are japanese, I don’t own a gun and I cringe through morning joe most mornings, but I wouldn’t if there was something better on. I hate metrosexuals, but I also hate guys who spend an inordinate amount of time at the gym, they’re just as vain.

    Males need to learn how to be men from their fathers. Females from their mothers. Those not fortunate enough to have both parents in their lives still need good role models, and we should probably stop pretending that single mothers have all the tools needed to raise healthy kids. Not that I know the first thing about raising kids, but Bill Cosby and Anne Coulter seem to agree on this. And if you can get Cosby and Coulter to agree…

    … ok I’ll try not to make this such a Dear Diary, I think the point is that feminists and the PC crowd have equated ‘egalitarianism’ with ‘sameness.’ This is something NaH20 talks about in “Conscience…” Equality under the law doesn’t mean complete and utter sameness, that everyone should magically have all the same things and lead the same lives and have the same amount of success. This ignores exceptionalism and individuality. People must make their own way in life and figure out what they need to do to be good, and what that means. <- If you need some help with that (and you do) Jesus will help you. Not feminists, not chauvinists, not communists, not the government. Only Jesus.

    Actually, for all her mentioned feminizing, *Mrs.* Maureen Dowd – as much as I hate to plug her – mentioned this in a column a couple of years ago – that feminists had created an expectation for women that the promise of egalitarianism was this absurd sameness: that women should not just have the same opportunities as men and the same legal rights, freedoms, but that they should actually try to lead the same lives as men. If you can get Goldwater and Dowd agree…

    Women are different than men. Just look at the WNBA… it's not the same. And the WNFL… oh wait. Women and men are equals, and western society has improved over the last one hundred years in recognizing this. But women and men are not the same. There is something to being a man, and it has little to do with what movies you watch or what you order in a restaurant. Hunting is less superficial because a man should be a provider, but you don't need to hunt to provide… not at the moment.

    Wearing the pants means providing for and protecting your family. Accepting the burden of responsibility for your ventures. That means when you knock someone up, you get hitched and stick it out. If you can't take care of the baby, make plans for someone else to do so. If more young men stood by their girlfriends and owned up to their premarital indescressions, instead of turning their backs on the situation, I bet fewer young ladies would kill their babies.

    Feminism is just as stupid as misogyny. Let's teach our kids egalitarianism instead. Stop preaching PC religion in schools and textbooks, let fathers teach young men what being a man is all about.