Beck Amends Obama is Racist Charge, Questions His Belief in ‘Collective Salvation’

Radio and TV host Glenn Beck said Sunday he doesn’t want to retract his controversial charge last year that President Obama is racist, but does want to amend it since reading more about “liberation theology.”

“I have a big fat mouth sometimes and I say things, and that’s not the way people should behave,” Beck said, adding, “I didn’t understand really his theology” when he made the comment a year ago that Obama has a “deep-seated hatred for white people.”

“I think that it is much more of a theological question that he is a guy who understands the world through liberation theology, which is oppressor and victim,” Beck, a Fox News host, told “Fox News Sunday.”

Beck described liberation theology, which teaches that salvation for the individual is dependent on salvation for the collective through economic and social justice, as the message that was preached by Obama’s ex-pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright

Beck, who is Mormon, said most Christians don’t believe in liberation theology,

Beck spoke after hosting his “Restoring Honor” rally in Washington, D.C., on Saturday, which attracted hundreds of thousands of Americans. Beck said the event was not supposed to be political, and for the most part, politics were left out of the conversation.

“The message I was trying to send was be your highest self and stand in the burning bush, stand in the fire, because that’s the only thing that’s going to save us,” he said. “I’ve come to the place where I believe there’s no way to solve these problems, these issues … unless we solve it through God, unless we solve it through being our highest self, and that’s a pretty tall order.”

Full story: FOXNews.com – Beck Amends ‘Obama is Racist’ Charge, Questions His Belief in ‘Collective Salvation’

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  • jadonofrio

    lincoln wishes he could ‘jetblue’ out of that beck rally: http://donofriodoodles.blogspot.com/2010/08/vote-glenn-beck-for-president-in-1956.html

  • loudog

    “I have a big fat mouth sometimes”

    Translation: I have all of my followers calling him a racist for me, which was the goal, and now I can say oops and back off and be taken seriously again. Hatemongering complete.

    • theprofessor

      “Hatemongering complete. ”

      Really? You’re finally done? Good!

    • truebearing


      It doesn’t surprise me that Beck’s self deprecating statements are misinterpreted by a rigid dogmatist like yourself. Leftists never admit mistakes, large or small.

      If you had a brain you would understand the subtlety of Beck’s statement. He is really saying that he doesn’t have enough evidence to call Obama a racist directly, but circumstantially he does, because Obama subscribes to Black Liberation Theology, which is by definition racist.

      It’s too bad we aren’t in the Wizard of Oz, eh, Scarecrow? Then the Professor could give you a brain!

      • loudog

        You really should consider being honest, stop living a lie.

        • grayzel

          That comment is below you. I read these attacks a lot from people who have given up the debate and cannot defend themselves or their positions any longer. I have used this tactic myself to my shame. You don’t have to use knee jerk words you are better than that.

          • loudog

            Just having a bit of fun with my friend truebearing. I’ll behave myself.

          • des1

            If you think that his comment was below what he usually produces, then I apologize for assuming you could read.

    • des1

      “Translation: I have all of my followers calling him a racist for me, which was the goal, and now I can say oops and back off and be taken seriously again. Hatemongering complete.”

      You mean like how Obama one the Democrat primary, then the general election? Yeah, it sucks when you’re people say hateful things, then a few weeks later you decry so much acrimony in politics (without acknowledging your part in it, of course).

      I’d say that comment was beneath you, but only you are stupid enough to put up something that obvious.

  • badash

    I’m so tired of hearing about racism DAILY. While not entirely this President’s fault we’ve heard more about race in the last year than in the last decade it seems. From everyone.

    Everything the Tea Party does is racist, we get it.

    Everything President Obama does is racist, we get it.

    Can we please save these accusations for when there’s actually occurances of racism, using it so often and so unwarranted really does diminish the times when real racism occurs. You hear it so often you kind of become numb to it….and that’s NOT a good thing.

    • krjohnson

      Amen, brother.

    • truebearing

      Racism is the key to the left’s power base, and they need to use it to keep people divided, and to motivate their base of “victims”. Without false charges of racism the left might have to debate on merits, and we all know they’d get their ass kicked then.

      You’re right, it is completely overused, but fighting fire with fire is sometimes the only recourse, and I believe Beck was right when he accused obama of racism. No one who subscribes to Black Liberation Theology can deny they are racist.

      • abermothia

        Who was Lee Atwater? who was Kevin Phillips,? what does the phrase the “Southern strategy” mean? who was Rod Shealy? and what was his purpose for entering and paying the candidate fees for an unemployed black man who then ran against Shealy’s own sister for Lt. Governor in 1990. (Note: Shealy was her political consultant.)

        And you all thought Alvin Greene was novel. Nope, been there and Cons did that, again.

        History seems to be at odds with you, Sir! Next you will be calling history a liberal plot, a RINO, and try and get some school board, or talk show host, to rewrite your shameless past. Glenn Beck is just the latest incarnation of the GOP’s long documented, “Southern Strategy” to use, “code words” for racism, in this case, “Black Liberation Theology.”

        First they tried the, he is a Muslim not like you white folks angle, now the implication here is Obama doesn’t have the same kind of Christianity that you white folks have.

        Here is quote from Atwater in 1981 which lays it all out,

        “You start out in 1954 by saying, “N*****, n*****, n*****.” By 1968 you can’t say “n*****” — that hurts you. Backfires. So you say stuff like forced busing, states’ rights and all that stuff. You’re getting so abstract now [that] you’re talking about cutting taxes, and all these things you’re talking about are totally economic things and a byproduct of them is [that] blacks get hurt worse than whites. And subconsciously maybe that is part of it. I’m not saying that. But I’m saying that if it is getting that abstract, and that coded, that we are doing away with the racial problem one way or the other. You follow me — because obviously sitting around saying, “We want to cut this,” is much more abstract than even the busing thing, and a hell of a lot more abstract than “N*****, n*****.”

        Indeed Mr. Atwater, thank you for explaning to us what this, “Black Liberation Theology” angle is all about, a historical continuation of the the GOP’s negrophobic, “Southern Strategy.”

        Ironically, the only person here who is not a Christian is Glenn Beck who is a Morman.

        Here’s some, “merits” for you–





        and that uncomfortable feeling in your backside is my foot!

  • scorpioman

    I’m so happy Glenn Beck is having a change of heart. Maybe he’s starting to practice what he preaches.

    • riseabove

      People like you are either so blissfully ignorant that they have no idea what they’re talking about when they make comments like that, or they understand perfectly well what’s going on and they thrive on pushing people’s buttons. Which is it?

    • Momma M

      In all honesty, I don’t believe Beck changed anything except the terminolgy… “Liberation Theology” IS RACIST.

    • jonavark

      ha! very funny. You have no clue what Glenn Beck is about because it is obvious you got all of your information form liberal hate mongers. He hasn’t had a change of anything. He routinely clarifies himself and has for YEARS. This is the same Glenn Beck that was on the radio for a long, long time. He’s honest.

      Obama is a racist, that is already clear from his responses to the numerous incidents that have come up before him. I have no question about that.

    • grayzel

      I don’t think it was a change of heart so much as learning more about the highly secretive life of Berry.

    • scorpioman

      At least I’m trying to see him in a different light. He admitted he has a big mouth. I can identify with that.

      • grayzel

        Yes you are and I commend you for that.

      • des1

        I think he’s always been pretty up front about his limitations as a deep thinker or leader. The guy is an entertainer and freely admits it. He also encourages people to not take his word for things, but instead to do their own research.

        He’s gotten a bad rap from the Left, but he’s fairly even-handed if you can get past the conspiracy stuff and his questionable emotional outbursts.

  • Major_Skidmark

    Obama has a huge chip on his shoulder regarding race. He is what I call a “race hustler”. He USES race to divide and conquer. There is only enough room in his heart for himself and his own POWER.

    • Newly Minted

      I respectfully disagree. The old black leadership were racial hucksters. They would threaten to protest and to get noisy but if you gave them some money, they’d go away. They were in essence, small time hoodlums.

      Obama thinks much bigger than that. Though he’s not above doing the ol’ shakedown ($20 billion from BP, with no oversight as to how it’s spent), his goals are much bigger and much more fundamental than a small time hoodlum could ever be.

      The shakedowns are a means to an end, not the end itself.

      Since all readers here know what his goals are, there’s no need to repeat them.

    • Momma M

      I have to agree with Newly on this one… there’s a big difference between a “race hustler” and a “race-baiter”! The latter is far more dangerous! And Wright, Sharpton, Fauntroy, and the others are certainly, dangerous race-baiters!

      • theneighborhoodguy

        Momma…the entire MSM is the largest race baiting cabal in our country…when a reporter(and I use this term loosely) gets to a place where there are 250,000-300,000 people celebrating Faith, Hope, and Charity, and the only question asked is about the attendance gap between blacks and whites?

        I wonder what the gap was at Al’s get together…and why didn’t they search out a white person at Al’s get together and ask him if he felt uncomfortable, or threatened? Hmmm.

  • sunnyr

    I won’t be as politically correct as Glenn Beck. I think Obama does have a very serious problem with RACISM. How could he not have? He sat for 20 years in the Black Liberation Theology Church of the worst RACIST in recent history, Rev. Jeremiah Wright! I am counting the days until we can send this incompetent community organizer BACK to Rev. Wright. Good riddance.

    • recovered dem

      I wholeheartedly agree! Obama has a serious problem with race, as does his wife. They both seem to think that they are owed reparations for some imagined grievance they have held dear, and foster the notion that they and all blacks are still the victims today of a society some 150+ years ago. One only has to look at all the advantages and opportunities afforded them to see how incredibly wrong they are.

  • Momma M

    We’ll I have no problem saying it… Obama is a Racist! As are Sharpton, Jackson, Farrakhan, Fauntroy, and Wright. The list goes on…. and sadly, … on!

    These people breed racial tension. They live for it. They wouldn’t have a place in the world without it’s continued cultivation!

    Obama has done nothing to end racial tensions… He’s repeatedly acted “stupidly” in matters of race!

    • loudog

      While I agree Obama gets down in the mud unnecessarily, you have to admit that racism is still alive and well in America, in every political persuasion.

      • RoadtoFREEDOM

        I think the situation is multi-faceted. Obama appears to have a chip against traditional America, and his church, his associates, and his upbringing bear that out. He’s ‘racist’ in the same way Bill Ayers is – white men oppressed everyone else in their view and the only good white person is a progressive – which is how Obama and Ayers can be friends.

        Obama COULD have been a huge advancement for race relations in this country, but the epic fail that it has been was foreshadowed by his and Michelle’s ‘bitterly clinging’ comments and ‘not proud of America’ comments. Now, I believe racial tensions are more inflamed than they’ve been since the 70’s.

        While I acknowledge there are whites who use the N word and mean it, there are a huge majority of post-racial whites and Obama is royally screwing with them along with the incidents that have happened since his election. Let’s put it this way, HE’S acted stupidly.

        The tireless casting about of the race card is a huge mistake and the black on white racism represented by Sharpton and perhaps Obama is a much bigger problem because it is taboo to discuss and spreading like wild fire – and it’s even encouraged and celebrated. the truth of that danger may only be clear when whites are actually the mintority vs hispanics in a few decades, but we’re planting some foolish and ugly seeds right now. MLK would NOT be proud of Sharpton, the New Black Panthers, or Obama, in my opinion.

        To be truly post racial, we’re actually all gonna have to give up the benefits accrued to victim status of being ‘minorities’ and it’s gonna have to stop being cool to bash on white people.

        I’m damn tired of being slandered as a racist. Obama has failed history and not only hasn’t united this country, he’s Balkanized it like nothing i could have imagined.

        At this point, we’ll be lucky if this doesn’t end in violence.

        • loudog

          So if Obama was a white man we’d still be questioning his faith and citizenship? How has Obama balkanized the country? What exactly has he done except for unwisely defend his friend at Harvard?

          What exactly does “take back our country” mean? Why does he keep getting called a Muslim when he’s clearly a Christian? Why does the Obama get called a Nazi and a racist by Glenn beck? Why did Beck say that he wanted to “reclaim” the civil rights movement? What does that mean?

          • theprofessor

            Obviously, you’ve made a list of the dumbest questions you could ask. Smart people wouldn’t have typed it out for the world to see.

          • grayzel

            I can answer those questions, dog. 1-“So if Obama was a white man we’d still be questioning his faith and citizenship?” Yes, I do remember the media questioning McCain’s citizenship and faith is judged by deeds not words. My question to you. How do your know Barry is a “christian”? 2-“How has Obama balkanized the country?” By pushing an agenda that is outside of the main stream. 3-“What exactly has he done except for unwisely defend his friend at Harvard?” Wealth redistribution, a main theme of Liberation theology. Talked about the civil rights movement and the Constitution as not going far enough. The Constitution doe not give the government positive right. What does that mean? What the government can do for and to the people. Which brings it back to redistribution of wealth. 4-“What exactly does “take back our country” mean?” Take back our country from the progressive/communist left. That one is simple. 5- “Why does he keep getting called a Muslim when he’s clearly a Christian?” Back to my question, how do you know that? Because he said so? 6-“Why does the Obama get called a Nazi and a racist by Glenn beck?” Beck has never called him a Nazi and said he was wrong in calling him a racist. 7-“Why did Beck say that he wanted to “reclaim” the civil rights movement? What does that mean?” It was the American people through MLK that owned the “civil rights movement. Like our revolution and Civil War it was started in the churches not by the political class. In fact the political class had to be drug by their hair to see the correctness of abolishing the Dem. controlled segregation. Easy isn’t it.

          • RoadtoFREEDOM

            “So if Obama was a white man we’d still be questioning his faith and citizenship?”

            His faith and citizenship is questioned because much of his past is opaque and he’s given much conflicting impressions. McCain was challenged on his birth in Panama, too, so this is NOT a color issue. Obama’s past is shrouded in secrecy and much is sealed and he’s not forthcoming, so, that’s what fuels the questions, not his race.

            “How has Obama balkanized the country? What exactly has he done except for unwisely defend his friend at Harvard?”

            Um, he’s sued Arizona, Holder has idiotically moved the terrorist trials to New York, he’s stuck his nose in the Mosque issue, and made the ‘typical white person’ comments, among others.

            “What exactly does “take back our country” mean? ”

            Traditional center right Americans want to take country direction back from 20% of progressive big government, nanny state creeps that devalue the power of the individual and focus all attention on government programs, etc. We could talk about the culture war, too.

            “Why does he keep getting called a Muslim when he’s clearly a Christian?”

            Because he is NOT clearly a Christian. He’s failed to observe any Christian traditions or events. He has not supported Israel, he’s bowed to foreign leaders and he has a clearly Muslim upbringing and past. In short, there is nothing overtly christian about him and plenty on the Muslim side to wonder. It is the lack of clarity that fuels the speculation, NOT his color.

            “Why does the Obama get called a Nazi and a racist by Glenn beck?”
            Um, Beck has not called Obama a Nazi. Beck has compared Marxists, Progressives, and the dangers down that road that lead to the National Socialists in Germany, or Nazi’s, and he’s also pointed out that the right and left in Europe are different than the right and left here. Beck explained why he felt Obama was a racist when he made that remark, so you can research that if you are interested.

            “Why did Beck say that he wanted to “reclaim” the civil rights movement? What does that mean?”

            the ‘civil rights movement’ today, as represented by Sharpton and Nation of Islam, etc., is black racism against whites. The MLK civil rights movement was trying to move beyond skin color and go by content of character. Beck, MLK’s niece, and others want to reclaim the latter and expose the black racists for what they are, racists.

            Just so we’re clear, I won’t tolerate a Klansman, a New Black Panther, or La Rasa racism. I’m with MLK – and unless you are color blind, you risk racism. Doesn’t matter the skin color. Obama by his lack of transparency about his past, present, associations, and agenda demonstrates at least an ideological prejudice if not overt racism, and he hangs out with racists like Van Jones and Bill Ayers. He’s not a good leader for racial tensions – and has done much with his time in office to inflame and divide.

          • grayzel

            “Don’t we all have prejudices that we need to recognize and fight? It doesn’t mean we’re all racists, it means we’re human but we can’t act on them”

            No dog we all don’t have prejudices relating to race. Only those that think in terms of race have prejudices. he things that matter to me and what I notice are good character, honor and how a person lives their life. Yes, when I meet a person I do notice the color of their skin as well as their hair color, eye color, how tall they are, are they smiling and many more physical descriptions. Each one of these things makes use look different but that does not matter to me.

          • loudog

            grayzel, I would say there are common, typical white prejudices and typical black prejudices and typical asian prjudices without there being racism.

            Obama and his ministers say he’s a Christian. That’s enough for most people.
            Law’s passed outside the mainstream come from congress. Progressive isn’t communism. Dem’s in the south controlled segregation until progressives gained traction and pushed southern Dem’s (Dixiecrats) to the Republican Party.

          • RoadtoFREEDOM

            To be clear (lol), Obama is a politician so of course he’s gonna have some positioning as a Christian – you’ve not addressed the public fact that he’s not practiced Christian traditions or even apparently attended church. That he or Rev Wright SAY he’s a Christian means jack.

            Do I think he IS a Muslim, not particularly.

            I think Obama’s religion is his political ideology of progressism and things like Black Liberation Theology, etc. are all just window dressing.

            Progressives are not communists, technically, nor do I care about the distinction. Both are rooted in Marxist ideology and are incompatible with our Constitution and Founding values. Where someone lies on the continuum of left of center means very little as it is ultimately a slippery slope once you take the side of collectivist, statist thinking to solve problems and abandon the rights and liberties of the individual and individual responsibility.

            To wit, in order to enforce ‘Obamacare’, 16,000 new IRS agents are to be hired – and thus the fist tightens and the freedom chokes out more from American citizens.

            My question to you is, where will we be in 10 years if this slippery slope continues? In theory, all else being equal, we’d be a Euro-welfare state, no doubt in my mind. In reality, November 2nd is going to punctuate a massive wave of public discontent with Obama and his henchmen in Congress.

            With luck, in 10 years, we’ll be a freer, more Founder-centric nation and will have rolled back the giant wet blanket dousing the fires of liberty and economic freedom in this country.

    • scorpioman

      I think a lot of racial tension was released when Obama was elected and it was a good thing for our country. I do not believe Obama is a racist.

      • Momma M

        Perhaps, its best if I give you my definition of “racist”… This may be where our debate gets off to a sour start.

        A racist, in my personal opinion is a person whose actions and words are meant to divide and sub-divide groups based on race. He or she is someone who insists that a particular group of people are inherently different based on race.

        When men like Sharpton demand blacks be granted special consideration – THEY divide us based on race. When a bi-racial president allows racist behaviors within his own administration, he must be deemed a racist.

        I believe that all men are created EQUAL! It is their character that sets some apart from others. When “leaders” insist that minorities are not capable of attending to their own affairs, their own futures, their own lives… Simply because they are black – THAT IS racisim!

        When the president encourages racist behavior based on his personal assumptions… He fosters racism. (i.e., “acted stupidly” episode).
        When he sat for 20 years in Jeremiah Wright’s church, he listened to – and one would assume – heard and agreed with obviously racist rants… It can not be attributed to anything but racism!

        You may have an entirely different definition… But in the above respects, I’ll stand by my statement… Obama is a racist!

        • riseabove

          Momma M…as usual you articulated my sentiments very nicely. Always a pleasure reading your posts!

        • scorpioman

          I believe Obama could rise about racism if he experienced itin his church. I rose above the racism hatred and homophobia taught to me in church. If I could do it he absolutely could and his mother was much more positive an influence than mine. I’ve been called a racist as well but I absolutely know I’m not. I still think you should back off hating on the president because I seriously don’t think you’re a very good hater either. ; )

          • Momma M

            I completely agree Obama could rise above it… I have no doubt of that. But he hasn’t.

            I don’t know why you have such a “hatred” for the word “HATE”… Hate is what it is… I hate his socialistic tendencies. I hate his race-baiting, I hate his community-activist entitlement programs, I hate that he’s lied to the American people, Gays included, about his intentions. I hate that he’s allowed to hide his past from the people who put their trust in him. I hate his elitist attitudes, expensive and constant vacations and rounds of golf. There is much to hate about this man.

            Understand, I don’t “hate” him personally. I don’t know him, personally. I hate him POLITICALLY! One has to know and have an understanding of hate to know and understand love. And I certainly love this country!

          • anniebanannie

            I’m curious as to how you know his mother was a positive influence? She hooked up with his father, a member of a polygamist family, who dumped both of them. She then hooked up with another muslim Indonesian who Obama stated preferred his sister over him. They then shipped Obama off to live with his grandparents in Hawaii.

            I don’t see the love you’re seein’ there….

          • truebearing

            Good point Annie. I hear a lot of wishful thinking and a fantasy, or two from scorpio.

          • des1

            He himself said that his grandmother (the woman who actually raised him) was a “typical white person.” I don’t know how anyone can read that and not imagine there is some racism in his heart. If any of us looked at a friend and said (in a negative way) that he was a “typical black person,” we’d be branded racists in a heartbeat. It’s all in how you define the term, but I definitely believe he either has some racist tendencies or is fine with using faux-racism as a way to enrich himself (or obscure questions about himself).

          • loudog

            A “typical white person” 60 yrs ago was more overtly prejudiced than we are today and many were outright racists and to deny it is to deny this country’s history. See segregation, seperate but “equal”, Jim Crow Laws.
            Obama is saying that his grandmother had some prejudices which were typical of white women her age. Don’t we all have prejudices that we need to recognize and fight? It doesn’t mean we’re all racists, it means we’re human but we can’t act on them.

          • theprofessor

            Leave it to you, loudog, to come up with some convoluted spin to defend Obama. So, if I were regaling some story about when I grew up and said, “he acted like a typical black man”, that would be perfectly fine by you?

          • grayzel

            When we can come together and stop thinking of ourselves as gay-Americans, native-Americans, Asian-Americans, Mexican-Americans, African-Americans and a list of many more we can put the stupidity behind us. These terms are meant to divide.

          • grayzel

            Yes I agree–“I believe Obama could rise about racism if he experienced it in his church.” scorpioman

            The problem is the evidence of it. Again men are supposed to be judged on their actions not their words.

          • des1

            “Obama is saying that his grandmother had some prejudices which were typical of white women her age.”

            It’s always good to see you write something stupid. It reminds me that everything in the world is the way it’s supposed to be. Obama said nothing of women or of age. He simply said she was a typical white person. Anything else you read into it is you doing verbal gymnastics to defend the politician you worship.

            We aren’t talking 60 years ago…this incident happened when Barry was in his teens/early 20s. The guy isn’t even 50. Saying that anything is typical behavior to a race is by definition, stereotyping. If you judge someone by a stereotype then you have racist feelings. He may not have hated her based on them, but his actions indicate that he thought less of her based on his racial intolerance, so that’s a pretty fine line.

            But it’s nothing like the crap you tried to use to justify his statement.

          • loudog

            I’m sure his Grandmothers opinions and prejudices were formed more than 30 yrs ago.

      • RoadtoFREEDOM

        A lot of racial tension APPEARED to be released when Obama was elected. It was the ONE thing I consoled myself with, was that at least we’d elected a black man and could finally put the whole race debate to rest.

        Instead, the community organizer in chief still is acting like a community organizer and appears to believe he’s finally getting to shaft ‘the man’.

        What’s lost in all the controversy is that in a truly racist country of the progressive’s imagining, a black man would not have been elected president.

        We were mostly post racial… now, Obama has managed to dis-unite us into advocacy groups and I’m just glad someone like Beck is working on preaching unity based on something above politics because the fuse has been lit and this is a powder keg.

        Basically, whites are gonna get blamed no matter what. If Obama loses in 2012, it will be a racist thing, no doubt. Sadly, whoever beats him had better be female or a minority or we’ll see riots – notwithstanding the fact that his entire presidency so far has been an epic fail and he would poll in the low 30’s if it weren’t for the black support (even though black unemployment is twice white unemployment).

        Obama has failed, and it’s not because of his color, it’s in spite of all the good will and support he had BECAUSE of his color. He truly is a travesty for race relations.

      • johninnevada

        How can one believe BHO is anything but a racist. As Momma M stated BO uses race as a tool, a wedge if you will. I believe it’s ever basic for BO, HE HATES WHITE ANGLO-CHRISTIANS.

        Arab/Muslim vs Christian/American
        He sides with arab/muslims
        i.e. Mosque, National Day of Prayer, Rammadhan in the White House.

        Black vs White
        He sides with blacks.
        i.e. Professor/Cop, Black Panthers/the law

        When BO was a boy he was ashamed of his “race”, hence “Barry”

        When BO landed at Occ. he, by his own admission, sought out “radical black activists”, then “Barack”

        I’m not altogether sure of the reasons but BO hates this country and whites, due to some twisted mental note to do with Mother/Father, Christian/Muslim, Black/White. Wasn’t accepted by whites and the black Kenyan muslims didn’t want him and neither did his father (he abandoned BO’s family and wed a black muslim. Probably a hugh issue in BO’s pea brain).

        And my White House…….the ULTIMATE REPARATION. It would not suprise me that BO would use the power of my White House to “even the playing field”.

      • johninnevada

        Yes the right bigot Jesse Jackson called BO the dreaded “N” word when he thought the microphones were off then stood in the park and cried when BO accepted the POTUS.

        OH THE RELEASE OF RACIAL TENSION. Guess what helps relieve me even more. Being called a racist by these pigs for merely not see things their way

        Do you actually say this crap with a straight face?

        • grayzel

          “Do you actually say this crap with a straight face?” john

          Yes he does, just like a lot of people thought and still think that. It was a media drum beat for almost a year. Many people hoped for change, some got it, others just got to keep their change. The problem was most people did not see through the media blitz and Obama glitz like others did. They did not understand the change was not to the better but to an Obama twist on socialism to redistribute the wealth.

      • damage6

        Racial tensions should’ve been lessened by electing B.O. and they would have if this President had the merest shred of leadership ability. Instead we get “the police acted stupidly”, “Fire Shirly no Don’t fire Shirly”. Mocking, dismissive finger flipping gestures while talking about “T-Baggers”. Not reigning in his troops as they work themselves into a lather about how supposedly racist the Teaparty folk are. Allowing his AG to call us a Nation of Cowards and then let the black panthers off the hook. I could go on and on but what’s the point. See you in Nov Mr. President it’ll be a good warm up for 2012.

      • jonavark

        Sometimes I wonder what planet you live on. The very fact that the media and the left pushed him into office ONLY because he was half black enraged many Americans. From the moment he got into office the race issue in America was exacerbated. If you didn’t see that.. I don’t know what you could have been doing.

      • scorpioman

        Thank you everyone for your comments. It would be nice if we got a notice when responses come in. I simply can’t respond to everyone but as an American of mixed race I personally felt a lot of relief when Obama was elected. I hoped for change and I wish we could get past the black and white. It’s hard to fit in when you’re not exactly either.

        • grayzel

          “I hoped for change and I wish we could get past the black and white. It’s hard to fit in when you’re not exactly either.” scorpioman

          Yes, a lot of Americans “hoped” that electing him would help heal the racial woes of the past. I was not one of them. Posting at Politico at the time of the elections I stated that fact. I knew that the race hustlers would use his skin color to hammer people that took an opposite position form him. Not to pat myself or other who thought this way on the back but we were correct. Any one who questions anything about his policies are labeled as racist. I believe that is why many Republicans shied away from criticizing and McCain went limp in his campaign. Look at the example of Palin. She stood up and said his policies were wrong and the left attempted to destroy her. With everything from not bearing Trig to being a person that allowed racism to grow. My neighbors have adopted 7 mixed heritage children. They are all doing fine and you know I live in an area that clings to their guns and religion.

        • grayzel

          A few other words of advice. We are all mutts. Very few of us can claim a pure melatonin heritage. Be it Dane, English or Mexican or any of us that have darker skin. Stop thinking of yourself as not black enough or white enough or what ever it is. Start thinking of yourself as a human being and a member of the human race. Drop the hyphens.

        • theprofessor

          Ok, I know this is going to come out wrong, and I don’t mean it to sound mean, but it’s really hard to figure out if you are for real. Now, you’re of mixed race? along with being a gay man whose lover was killed by a hate crime, you said you were in a relationship and couldn’t get married, you’ve been disowned by your family who happen to be republican, your sister died of cancer and you say because she didn’t have decent health care/insurance, your neighbors hate you and let their dog poop in your yard, and you were bullied in school….did I leave anything out? If all true, you’re a walking Hallmark channel movie. I’m not making fun, I’m just saying that’s all very , well, almost cliche. Either your full of it, or you need to write a book.

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