Gallup: GOP takes 10-point lead over Democrats in generic poll

In the history of Gallup polling, Republicans have never held as wide a margin over Democrats as they do in an “unprecedented” poll of generic party preferences of registered voters released Monday.

The GOP leads Democrats by 10 points in Gallup’s generic weekly tracking of 2010 congressional voting preferences. Republicans took in 51 percent to the Democrats’ 41 percent among registered voters.

It’s the Republicans largest margin of the year and its largest margin over Democrats in Gallup’s history of tracking dating back to 1942.

In July of 1994 — the year of the Republican revolution swept the GOP into control of Congress — Republicans had their widest margin ever in this poll over Democrats, leading by 5 points. At this point in the election season in 1994, both Democrats and Republicans were tied at 46 percent in the generic trend poll.

“The last Gallup weekly generic ballot average before Labor Day underscores the fast-evolving conventional wisdom that the GOP is poised to make significant gains in this fall’s midterm congressional elections,” reports a summary of the results from Gallup.

Historically, Democrats have had the largest generic lead in the polling firm’s history. In 1974, they held a 32-point lead over Republicans during the Watergate scandal.

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  • CK4RP

    OK – wordpress timer – 2. CK4RP – 0. VERY ANNOYING.

    The “conservatives” in the photo accompanying this article are part of the problem rather than part of the solution. Americans need “representatives” not self proclaimed “leaders”. It is unlikely that there is a more dense concentration of lackadaisical, unethical, self serving, out of touch, corrupt, inept individuals anywhere on the planet than when the congress critters are in session in Washington, D.C. There is no reason to believe that Gingrich has changed his moral stripes, that McCain has suddenly seen the light on the issue of illegal immigration, or that Graham woke up this morning with his “conservative” panties on. Are we to believe them or our lying eyes??? One definition of insanity is to continue to do the same thing over and over and to expect different results. Some REAL change is in order.

  • baal

    I propose THE PLEDGE.

    THE PLEDGE is a written contract to be signed by every elected republican official. It states that if they vote for any form of deficit spending they will be be kicked out of the party immediately.

    Yes, there would have to be a loophole for existential threats…like a comet, or a zombie apocalypse, but nothing else.

    Anyone got a problem with that?

  • Dafney

    Old timers in the GOP will be gone, too, as soon as we can get better candidates to replace these TRAITORS. And just about “any warm body” would do a better job than they have. I’m disgusted that AZ voted for McCain — where is their sense of OUTRAGE?! And Graham has proven to be a turncoat just like his friend and mentor McCain.

  • american10

    I don’t see any of the “STAMPEDING” ELEPHANTS SMILING, I think we are of a different breed from those who think they are going to get handed POWER this next election….Their position in the spotlight of power is subject to change for a more Conservative face!!! Conservative; what’s mine, is mine! Liberal; what’s yours is mine to have control over, to keep or give away as I see fit plus what’s mine is mine (Their hidden Conservative dirty little secret)!!! ONLY FOOLS FOLLOW CONNIVERS (CON ARTISTS)Lock step/Hook line and sinker!!! FOLLOW THE MONEY….STUPID!!!!!

  • american10

    We, aware Americans are not queering up to you in no way, shape, form OR FASHION, “GOP” (False members of the “Grand Old Party”)…….YOU WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE, once seated!!! Once trust in government is crashed, only faith in God is our remaining staple!!!! WE WILL FIGHT TO DEFEND IT, MANY FALLEN PATRIOTS ARE PROOF OF THE PASSION TO DEFEND THE LAND WHERE EACH INDIVIDUAL CAN BE IT’S OWN OWNER, SUBJECT ONLY TO GOD’S LAWS, (Which are much more intolerant than man’s rules(Laws))!! (My rights stop at your nose, yours stop at mine, other than that, KEEP YOUR FILTHY HANDS OFF OF ME!!!!…….LITTLE “g”……god (Government))!!! WAKE UP FOLLOWERS OF FALSE PROPHETS, Humans that profess they know better than you and therefore are santioned to make law superior to the “Laws of Nature”) God’s Laws (The Creator/The Dark Matter(Scientifically/Astronomically speaking), has set UNCHANGING standards!!! Beleive it or Not!!!

  • tdpwells

    Am laughing at the choice of picture used – I’m pretty sure it’s not because of Republicans like McCain and Graham that there’s been an uptick. Just sayin.

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  • patriot4evah

    Okay, I hate to be a Debbie Downer, but the GOP members you have pictured in the photos…. are the ones we are fighting against…… just sayin.

    • tdpwells

      Truer words…

  • thephranc

    They will screw it up when in office. Mark my words.

    • des1

      At this point, merely having a screw-up Congress who didn’t accuse the Tea Party of being a bunch of raving-mad bigots intent on re-instutiting slavery would seem like a big step forward.