New Left Media uses Trojan trick to get interviews

Chase Whiteside and Erick Stoll, the two young journalists behind “New Left Media,” tell attendees at Tea Party and other conservative rallies that they are student journalists working on a school project in order to get them to talk openly on camera about their beliefs.

The two were most recently at the Lincoln Memorial on Saturday for Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally, where some of those they interviewed were seemingly misled by the pair.

Whiteside told The Daily Caller in a phone interview that he and Stoll openly declare to everyone they interview that they are journalists “and that’s usually as far as it goes.” When interviewees ask for more details, Whiteside said that he and Stoll say they are from Wright State, which is a university in Dayton, Ohio.

Wright State sounds similar to Right State, and two women they interviewed at Beck’s rally Saturday told TheDC that they thought Whiteside and Stoll worked for RightState.com, a non-existent, but conservative-sounding political website — which many rally-goers could have confused with the conservative website RedState.com.

On teapartytracker.org — a new website that describes its purpose as monitoring “racism and other forms of extremism within the Tea Party movement” — Stoll and Whiteside’s New Left Media is listed as a founding partner of the website, along with the NAACP, Media Matters and Think Progress.

The two women at the “Restoring Honor” rally who TheDC talked to said they felt comfortable talking to Stoll and Whiteside because they thought they worked for a conservative website and thought the two were working on a school project. The women said Stoll and Whiteside didn’t identify themselves as reporters for New Left Media, which Stoll and Whiteside say is their college thesis project.

Whiteside said it’s not his or Stoll’s fault if an interviewee confuses Wright State with Right State.

“As part of our thesis project, we’re doing sort of documentary journalism,” Whiteside told TheDC. “As part of our thesis project, we’re going around covering media narratives that are manifest in the public and the voting public. We’re interested in seeing which things are reported on Fox News and which things are reported on other networks, like, for instance, the mosque controversy.”

While Whiteside and Stoll have covered issues other than conservative rallies, they haven’t brought the same intensity in their questioning when their topic has a liberal slant. For instance, when the duo covered the gay marriage issue in Maine last November, they didn’t ask follow-up questions on camera like they have done when interviewing Tea Partiers.

“We do not consider gay marriage to be a political issue,” said Whiteside. “We don’t think pressuring gay couples who just want to get married is a good thing.”

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  • manbearpig

    First, the Wright State/Right State/Red State excuse is just plain silly. But because some lady wore a Xenia, Ohio t-shirt full disclosure of organization and intent is disingenuous at best. Giles and O’Keefe were “under cover” to find out if ACORN would support illegal activity. These two guys were just trying to make some ordinary folks look dumb.

    The subjects of the video were uniformly not very articulate. This portrayal is probably a function of editing. Its easier to smear a movement or event if you snip out the more well spoken people.

    But while they weren’t very good at explaining it, it was clear the interviewees had a deep love for, and pride in, their country. Wm. Buckley said, “I’d rather be governed by the first 435 listings in the Boston phone book than by the faculty at Harvard.”

    I’m proud to have the interview “victims” as fellow Americans; the video boys, not so much.

  • Mateo1970

    What this guy is doing with the Trojan horse trick is similar to homosexuals who infiltrate the military. They get their fellow soldiers to believe they are just regular patriotic Americans putting their lives on the line for their country. I’m so sick of secret homosexuals trying to deceive us about their true agenda.

  • Mateo1970

    This kid, Chase Whiteside, admits openly on his blog that he’s a homosexual. So it’s no surprise he and his buddy try to trick the people at the Tea Party rally. It would be interesting to see the tables turned and have someone question Chase about his lifestyle choice and the unhealthy and even shocking aspects of it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Sean-Bond/100000708964714 Sean Bond

    “New Left Media uses Trojan trick to get interviews”

    Such a laugh… You neocons are such a joke… Oh I see, so you are saying that New Left caused people to say things they wouldn’t normally say? It seems to me that they are getting to the real truth and you don’t like the real truth of the Right’s bigoted and racist views being exposed.

    Here’s a little love note for one of your phony leaders Newt the Toot


    • jonavark

      Note to stupid: The term “neocons” went out of style a long time ago. Get a new playbook. Most all of us were NEVER liberals.. or do you not know what a neocon refers to? Are you just attempting , in vain, to insult..

      The NEW term for idiots like you is, say it class.. that’s right!


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  • des1

    Tucker, your site sucks ass! I am beyond sick and tired of having to repost 5 to 10 times per post because it keeps telling me I’m posting “too fast.” I know I’m not the only one.

    Why is it that your people are too incompetent to fix this?

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  • Twisted_Colour

    How dare they ask questions, record the ignorant bile that these angry white idiots spew and then publish it. How dare they. It’s as bad as Katie Couric asking Sarah Palin questions like “What newspapers do you read?” How is poor Sarah supposed to answer a tough question like that when she doesn’t have the answers written on her palm.

    • truebearing

      Ah, a racist, a fool, and a liar. Too drunk to fund the Daily Kos?

    • truebearing

      You still mad because Beck co-opted the MLK message and all you have for “civil rights” leaders is sh!t-finger Sharpton? He looked like he ate some Tawana “mud” after Beck dwarfed his puny, pathetic rally.

      I could get more people to protest institutional toilet paper than Sharpton managed to hustle out of crack houses for his rally.

      BTW, Obama is heading into the 30s, real soon now.

    • jonavark

      I believe that post signals the end of this thread.