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Ed Schultz yells about some more stuff

The pyromaniacal pundit spoke at Al Sharpton’s rally the Dozen Dude Dud last Saturday, and apparently he’s not happy about the turnout compared to that other rally. Radio Equalizer:

YouTube Preview Image

Schultz will get started on that right after he dunks on LeBron, hunts and kills Bin Laden, and bangs Megan Fox. It ain’t no big shakes!

  • mojo

    “Ed, you could rub brisket on your butt and dogs wouldn’t follow you.”

  • Outback Jon

    From the Drudge Report today, Shultz’ MSNBC show had 699,000 viewers. So he thinks he could get half of his faithful to show up in DC for a march? (Beck had 2,600,000 in the same ratings…)

  • NeoKong

    He couldn’t fill a Chuckie Cheese.

  • btigordon

    Ed couldn’t draw a bath.

  • TonyClifton

    Ed can barely get 300,000 people to watch him on TV.

  • scatbug

    “Banging” Ms. Fox — as you so coarsely put it — may prove an even greater challege now that she made public her “crush” on Kelly Ripa.