Arizona colleges accused of immigrant discrimination in lawsuit

Reporting from Washington —

Employers who hire illegal immigrants can be fined, but the Obama administration warned this week that they also can be fined for asking legal immigrants to show their green cards before hiring them.

The Justice Department’s civil rights division sued the Maricopa County Community Colleges in Arizona, seeking damages from schools for having “intentionally committed document abuse discrimination.”

Prior to this year, the local colleges in the Phoenix area asked job applicants who were not U.S. citizens to show a driver’s license, a Social Security card and their permanent resident card, commonly called a green card.

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  • Scrap Iron

    Last job I applied for, I filled out an I-9 form.
    I had to show my Social security card and my driver’s license.
    If I was NOT an American citizen, I would have to show my green card.
    What;s the problem? Doesn’t the DoJ want employers to follow the law associated with the I-9 form?

  • S-D-M

    The people in the White House aren’t Americans as I understand them. I don’t know what the he.ll they are, but they’re not American..!

  • fridayjoefriday

    whom is the “ugly bag of water” and the bottom dwellers going after next? more than likely “WE THE PEOPLE”. if you are not with him—you are the dead meat for his consumption come on November 2 you can not get here fast enough

  • BMF

    It looks like a really bad batch of Kool Aid was delivered to the White House.

    I feel like I’m living Groundhog Day in the Twilight Zone.

    • emem

      It really is! This is the same democratic party that rallied around attacking repub appointees for not doing the proper background checks on nannies and other employees this past decade forcing people to resign, the employees to be fired, etc.

      So for private business it’s illegal to hire illegals, except as deemed okie dokie by the Obama administration. In one breath the brag about their raids and on the other this nonsense.

      Makes me wonder who’s next on the Obama hit list.

      • thephranc

        Bernard Kerick was roasted when it was found out that he had an illegal work for him. But now if you don’t hire one you are a racist.


        • emem

          This is just totally nuts! A friend of mine Maryland was doing volunteer voter registrations and was told it was against state law to ask for proof of citizenship. They could only ask for a drivers license and since Maryland is a sanctuary state, anyone can get a license.

          In my state, I had to provide proof of citizenship to get a license.

  • dw

    At what point do they start understanding that they have become a parady? I know the answer is never, but come on, I mean this is a national practical joke, right. Tomorrow obama is going to tell us all this is his way of pulling our collective legs, right. I mean come on, enough is enough.
    How much longer must we continue to wake up in obama world? Please resign in mass, please, please,please………….Let my dog replace you, obama. He will do a better job, I promice.

  • savage24

    Further proof that has nothing to do with immigration and all to do with a White House vendetta against the state of Arizona. A President that is this petty deserves to be impeached. He took an oath of office and he has violated that oath. Everything he and his administration does, makes them look foolish and inept. A DOJ that can’t even understand the laws of the land is a laughing stock of the first order.

    • misanthropicus

      And right you are! After all, Rhode Island has been doing for a few years there what the 1070 tried to make law in Arizone –
      All these “legal” actions agains Arizone are nothing but an act of intimidation, caused by Obama’s anxiety that Arizona might go even further in trying to clean up the mess that this country has became –
      A reminder:

      The 1070, at the time of voting was actually part of a set of three bills:
      a) a bill regulating the absurd dimenssion the multicultural madness has reached in public schools – the bill passed, and it is law, now –
      b) then 1070, which passed and became law, too –
      c)… and the Burgess bill, which requires any candidate for presidency in the state of Arizona to SUBSTANTIATE his/ her constitutional legitimacy claim – bill which, obviously would have been in effect as law in 2012, and as such aroused much fury in DNC and other circles of Obama accomplices –

      … however, the Burgess bill was shelved for the incoming session, my understanding being that the Arizona Republicans saw in running it through a bit too much for the existing legislative loads – the idea is that mrs. Burgess will re-submit the bill this incoming session –

      … and it is the BURGESS BILL THAT IS ACTUALLY THE TRUE CAUSE behind this legal assault against Arizona, and all these actions are nothing but aiming to intimidate and discourage the eventual supporters of the Burgess bill –

      So again, the claptrap regarding the 1070’s unconstitutionality is just a smoke cover – all what the Dems want is to save the 2012 elections, and to get somehow out of the mess the hopey-dopey Messiah brought them in –

      We’ll see whether Burgess and the reps will re-introduce the bill this session – in case so, the DOJ and WH will go in totally amok mode, and we’ll also see large surfaces of democ-RATS scurrying and plunging from the ship in the water –

      … the far-reaching consequences of allowing an unconstitutional candidate run, and get elected as president –