Meet John Dennis, the man who seeks to silence the Speaker in San Francisco

He’s the anti-war, gay-friendly congressional candidate from San Francisco who recently held a rally with former Green Party city supervisor Matt Gonzalez.

And he’s the Republican.

Meet John Dennis, a 46-year-old entrepreneur who hopes to be the David to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Goliath come November. Dennis knows that any member of the GOP faces long odds in California’s 8th district, which is why he invited Gonzalez and Texas Republican Rep. Ron Paul to co-host an event called “Principles over Parties” earlier this month. The trio emphasized a message of looking beyond political labels and identifying the results voters get from the representatives they elect. By associating with Paul, Dennis hopes San Franciscans will recognize how serious he is about bringing American troops home from battles overseas.

“I started working for Ron Paul’s presidential campaign back in 2007,” Dennis told The Daily Caller in a phone interview. “There was a moment, a specific moment in the South Carolina debate, when Paul had a head-to-head conflict with Rudy Giuliani about the war on terror. That’s what got me more interested in politics, and that’s why I’m running today.”

The “specific moment” in question happened when Paul was asked about his opinion that the war in Iraq was a mistake, a view shared by a strong majority of the citizens of San Francisco. Paul explained his belief that U.S. intervention around the world causes “blowback” in the form of violence against Americans. After Paul argued that even Osama bin Laden had said the 9/11 attacks were retaliation for previous American actions in the Middle East, Giuliani insisted that the comments be withdrawn, calling them “absurd.” The exchange has received hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube.

Dennis agreed with Paul, and thinks he can use that part of his platform to capitalize on the anti-incumbent sentiment that’s become the story of this election year. He calls Afghanistan “Nancy Pelosi’s War” on his website, where he wrote that the Speaker stopped asking why tens of thousands of American troops needed to remain in the country once Democrats gained control of the House. On Iraq, Dennis argued that leaving thousands of non-combat troops behind is inherently dangerous. “What happens if a civil war breaks out?” he asked. “Are we going to be drawn back in?”

War isn’t the only area where Dennis hopes to connect with the established patterns of San Francisco voters. He voted against Proposition 8, and said he wants the government to “get out of the marriage business altogether.” His campaign has even included a pub crawl through the Castro District, famous for its gay bars. Dennis said that locals were initially “shocked” to see a Republican looking for support in the area, but also that they warmed up to him after he explained his positions.

Big government is what causes Dennis’ Republican feathers to ruffle, and he’s hoping that recent events will help his cause. He told TheDC that he believed the housing bubble, which has hit California harder than most states, was the creation of government-sponsored enterprises like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. “What we have to realize is that government overstimulated the housing market,” he said. “We have an overhang of inventory there, and it’s weighing down on the economy like an anvil.”

NEXT: Dennis talks government spending and the Fed

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  • krjohnson

    John Dennis would be a fantastic Representative for San Francisco. If there is a Republican platform that could win in that district, it’s his.

  • doncicciofitipaldi

    Afghanistan is Nancy Polosi’s WAR? Really? What kind of drugs is this guy on? lol

    • RoadtoFREEDOM

      Well, why don’t we waterboard Nancy and find out what kind of drugs she’s on.

      • doncicciofitipaldi

        Waterboard yourself! Thank you

        • RoadtoFREEDOM

          Nah, the Dems have been doing enough of that. It’s time for some payback.

    • appforthat

      Probably the drugs that say she was all about bringing the troops home until she became Speaker, and now we’re sending MORE to Afghanistan.

      We need to bring them home from Iraq AND Afghanistan AND all the other places we’re paying to keep them even though we don’t need them there anymore. Why do we still have so many bases in Europe? Is the Soviet Union gonna time travel here and invade?

      • doncicciofitipaldi

        Your comment shows a complete lack of understanding on where America derives it’s world superpower status from. You should study geopolitics a bit more.

        • RoadtoFREEDOM

          So you challenge the assertion that Pelosi deserves blame for the Afghan situation and when someone explains why, you flip the argument and say they need to learn more – without refuting the points?

          You’re funny.

          Bush never committed to the Afghan war and that’s why Obamby made so much noise about it… and he and Pelosi ramped up the effort. Most republicans supported that, by the way… but to act like Pelosi and Bamby had nothing to do with it is just vapid and so quintessentially, well, you.

  • CK4RP

    John Dennis is another true conservative which the RNC and the NRSC need to get behind. It’s Pelosi’s seat, for God’s sake! I plan to make another donation to his campaign. Although I’m not a Californian, I am a patriotic American who wants Pelosi “outta there”. Go, John!

  • Skepticus

    San Francisco has a Republican? Really?

  • gringott

    This guy is better than I thought. I’m sending him $9.12 ASAP.

  • des1

    The best campaign commercial EVER!!! If I had any money I’d send him a $20.

    • RoadtoFREEDOM

      I agree. I’m all for strong national defense and have frequently expressed my disdain for radical Islam – but I’d support getting out of the middle east and obliterating anyone who dares attack us. No bowing, no appeasement. Just a ‘be cool or we’ll flatten you’ policy.

      Such a shift would need to be done in stages, but we can not nation build or occupy countries around the world. Great Britain is great no more and Rome fell trying to do the same thing… it doesn’t work… though the entitlement spending budget is FAR larger than defense.

      If we had started and ended the retaliation for Pearl Harbor with Hiroshima and Nagasaki, we could have spared all those GI’s from perishing in the Pacific battles… and sent the same message.

      I say we warn the Islamo-nuts that even one more attack us will result in the flattening of Mecca – and mean it… and withdraw from the middle east and let them blow each other up or find peace when we no longer represent an enemy for them to unify against.

      I don’t think we’d have the problem with Islam we have today if we’d retaliated against strategic targets on a large scale for each of the 19 wacko’s cities of origin… or symbolic targets such as Mecca.

      We can withdraw without being soft in our defense – Islamo-nuts are cowards and only understand force. Why we get into ground wars with these people I don’t understand… then again, I’m not a military strategist.

      I just sent him $50 – and I hope San Fran Nan is not only relieved of her gavel, but her cushy job playing tyrant in DC.

      If only she could be melted by water or have a house drop out of the sky on her… Wicked Witch of the West, lol.

      Reid and Pelosi in 2010… Obama in 2012… the sweetest revenge at the polls.

      • junkmaninohio

        Now that was a great commercial. I laughed till it hurt.