Foreign hotties with bodacious bodies: Ines Sainz & company [SLIDESHOW]

Ines Sainz really has opened a can of worms.  No, not one concerning the behavior of NFL players or whether women should be allowed in men’s locker rooms, but one of pure curiosity.

Since she burst onto the scene earlier this week, we’ve been consumed with questions.  Are ALL foreign reporters as attractive as Sainz? Do they, too, wear skin-tight jeans (actually, let’s call it like it is: they’re jeggings) and crop tops??  We simply had to find out.

Here are some of the hottest reporters (sports and news) from around the world.  Do they hold a candle to Sainz? You decide.

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  • des1

    Ok….I left a comment and now it’s gone. Weird….

    Anyway, Theuriau buries the competition. She is not only stunningly beautiful, she has an incredible body and is a natural beauty. She is more attractive than any current supermodel I can think of.

  • MarkTheJerk

    I’m so sorry but, zut alors! The most beautiful news babe of foreign agencies is but of course Melissa Theuriau.

  • dr debunk

    I guess if you’re into tranny-looking attention whores…

  • 76United

    Sara Carbonera is the most beautiful. Classy and she’s dating Iker Casillas from the Spanish National Team. VIVA ESPANA!!!