Young voters to Dems: it’s over!

“It’s not me, it’s you.” Those are normally the words that cement the failure of a relationship that has gone awry. Across the country, Democratic candidates are hearing this sentiment, and they can’t understand why. They can’t understand why they have fallen out of favor with the population in general, but more importantly, they haven’t realized that they have lost the allegiance of today’s college students.

The fact is simple, while Democrats have spent at a record rate ($4.71 trillion added to the national debt), America has seen unemployment increase! No generation is being burdened more by Washington’s recent spending orgy than mine, and this article will explain why young people don’t like it, and what College Republicans plan to present as an alternative.

Did you know that nearly 20% of young adults are unemployed? That is twice the national average, which in itself is unacceptable. A 54.3% increase to the national debt has frightened job creators to the point where one in five young people can’t find a paying job. This clearly shows that the more government wastefully spends the less ability people will have to find work.  Don’t think the stimulus was loaded with wasteful spending? Take a look at “Stupid Spending” at www.ourtab.org to see where our hard-earned money went. My personal favorite is the $677,000 that the Georgia State University received to study “how monkeys respond to inequity and unfairness.” I think it’s unfair that we are psychoanalyzing monkeys while millions of Americans can’t find work.

What terrifies young students the most is the amount of money they will be forced to fork over to help pay down the debt. Every child born in this country today owes more than $118,000 to the national debt alone. But how are we going to pay off the debt if 20% of our generation can’t generate any income? With so much bad policy in such a short amount of time, it’s worth asking: has the statist agenda won out?

The answer is no. There is a reason why Obama has seen an 18% drop in his approval rating amongst 18-29 year old voters according to a February Pew Poll.  His plans are detrimental to young people. He said he had our best interests in mind, but he lied! He cheated on our generation, but we’ve caught him in the act. Let’s just say that come November, young adults will say to Democrats, “It’s not me, it’s your policies that have ruined our relationship.”

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Zach Howell is the Chairman of the College Republican National Committee. The CRNC is the nationally elected governing body for over 200,000 College Republicans and over 1,500 campus chapters. Zach sits in the same chair that Karl Rove, Lee Atwater, and Morton Blackwell once sat in. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science from the University of Utah.

  • Joe Astroturf

    Hey Zach when your older don’t do what Rove did to his fellow republican. You’ll never see a Dem do it no matter how low life someone is. Examples Annie Oakley(Hillary disciple of Saul Alinsky) Byrd (low like KKK’er who even some republicans talked good about. Kerry the Nam coward etc, etc.

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  • johno413

    Will these youth depart the left for long? If the GOP continues along it’s path to absolute, conservative purity, won’t the social issues return to push the youth away? Unless the GOP can survive with their previous efforts to have an “big tent”, the Dems will take full advantage like before.

    • magedogtag

      my guess is that if the gop can force some job creating (i.e. government limiting) legislation through in the next two years and the unemployment of younger people goes down significantly, say by maybe 5%, and the effect happens with newly graduated students as well, then yes, the youth will depart at least for a while. being broke because of bad governmental policies tends to put on hold your desire to follow non money making liberal ideas. if by three years from now the unemployment rate has dropped by 10%, or half what it is now, then the youth and new grads will have seen what sensible fiscal conservatism actually means for three years running: a paycheck. that doesn’t mean that when things are good for several years they won’t revert but short term i think they will.

  • rockhard

    You know the left is in trouble when even the young understand they are being used and abused by the left wing policie.