Manchin grabs his gun to ‘take on Washington,’ shoot climate bill in new ad

Democratic Senate candidate Joe Manchin isn’t letting that kerfuffle over Sarah Palin’s political crosshairs deter his 2nd-Amendment enthusiasm.

In a new ad, the West Virginia Governor touts his NRA endorsement, and promises to “take on Washington and the administration, and get the federal government off our backs” while brandishing a rifle on an outdoor gun range. He also promises to “repeal the bad parts of Obamacare” and “take dead aim at Cap and Trade” before putting a bullet through the title page of that bill.

The media and left-leaning pundits have been quick to criticize any similar imagery from Republicans and Tea Party candidates or supporters, suggesting it encourages violence against political opponents.

Who would have thought we’d have a more explicit gun ad than Dale Peterson’s this cycle?

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  • therewd

    As a resident of WV, though a Democrat, I’ll be voting for Raese over Manchin come November.

    Two reasons:

    1). Governor Manchin is more valuable to me here at home than he is in DC. I look at who would succeed him for the remainder of his term and am not thrilled with who would be leading my state until the next election.

    2). In the end, no matter what promises he makes, Manchin is a Democrat and that “D” would help keep the current crop in Washington in the majority and in control of Congress. I’m no big fan of John Raese, but I’m a bigger non-fan of the movement that has taken control of the Democrat Party and now runs my country. I can live with Raese in DC as a check/block against the “Obama/Pelosi/Reid” agenda, especially if the current President should be re-elected in ’12.

    Also, Joe Manchin is, in the end, a politician who will say one thing then rationalize another when push comes to shove. I have no doubts that his “anti” positions could easily morph to “pro” in the quest of of political ambitions.

    I know what Raese will do, I can hold my nose for a bit as long as it puts the brakes on Obama’s failing policies and agenda.

  • savage24

    What kind of fools are running the NRA today? Endorsing Democrats is endorsing more gun control laws and more abuse of the 2nd Amendment. It’s like the VFW endorsing Boxer, they need combat veterans to fill their ranks, and they endorse a woman that advocates a weak military. There seems to be no rhyme or reason for this foolishness in these organizations.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Andrew-Huddleston/1320647784 Andrew Huddleston

    He’s a democrat. Democrats lie. He will vote with the socialist block for terrible bills. He is trying to scam the voters in WV and God willing, it won’t work.


    They still haven’t figured out we are on to them.

  • flips

    Manchin is a douche who would destroy his own state at the orders of Big Coal. It will be a pleasure to watch this DINO lose. Let’s Republicans defend destructive practices like mountaintop removal coal mining. Pollution-hugging is not a Democratic value.

  • teapartypatriot

    Looks like the W.VA d-crat socialists ALSO had a casting call for “hicks” – and the slippery and slimy manchin transformed himself from one of the lunatic-left Elite Establishment to temporarily fit the part. The real question is: what part will he play on November 3rd?

  • brettrow

    Oh my, is this a second amendment remedy? lol. As an avid hunter, I would be surprised if this tool knew the difference between a center-fire and a muzzle loader. And if any WV voter half way cares about their gun rights, the last thing they would want to do is send another democrat to the senate to vote for more liberal supreme court justices. The add would be decent if a republican had done it, but a democrat and a gun go together like oil and water.

  • leoretired

    Yeah, Ol’ Joe’s all about the healthcare and Cap and trade….yeah right!
    This is the guy that invites “the Marxist” to Wv. and “the Marxist” is endorsing this “good Ole’ Boy”!
    Yes sir, send Manchin to the senate and watch how fast he “supports” cap and trade! A lot of people here have figured out, after his pick for Byrds spot, What he will do in the senate. Lockstep with “The Marxist” and pissoli!