O’Donnell makes Antoine Dodson reference in new ad

Christine O’Donnell has inserted a not-so-subtle reference to recent YouTube sensation Antoine Dodson in her latest campaign video. “Hide your will. Hide your lights. Cause he’s taxing everything out here,” the narrator says in the GOP Senate nominee’s new “tax man” ad targeting opponent Democrat Chris Coons in Delaware.

YouTube Preview Image

Sound familiar?

It appears to be a spoof of Dodson, the Alabamian whose comments to a local TV station went viral over the Internet when he said, “Hide your kids. Hide your wife. And hide your husband” because they are “raping everybody out here.”

  • savage24

    One of the best political ads out there, keep it up and bury these socialist idiots.

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  • SuperTalk

    About time Christine!
    Congrats for finally bringing the Fight Punch to the 2010 election party.

  • libertyatstake

    Memo to O’Donnell: If you want to close the gap, break out ‘Bearded Marxist’ in the next ad.

    “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

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  • inspectorudy

    The fact that you are even discussing more taxes on anything shows where you are coming from. A fee I can live with like a hunting license or fishing permit. But to tax a gov. program that the taxpayer is already paying for is so Obama. Our only salvation is to decertify ALL public employee unions and get back to sanity.

  • erick1740

    911 and emergency responders are reasonable uses of our tax money , cut welfare and look for other social programs that can be eliminated.

    • softunderbelly

      Why should there be fees on cellular 911 calls when we’re already being taxed for this. Look at your phone bill, you’ll generally see an emergency use or implementation tax. This is nothing more than attempt to raise more taxes by calling them something else.

  • tombt

    Not sure I’m understanding you. Fire & police are generally government employees along with the emergency call centers. Why would we pay them extra for doing their jobs? On the other hand, I do know that as a government employee myself, we charge citizens – taxpayers – a fee for using my services. And I have to pay extra for going to the landfill. So what the heck? Maybe it’s not a bad idea after all….I also know that in some jurisdictions if you call for an ambulance there is a charge. Perhaps this occurs where you have volunteers manning fire & rescue as opposed to an all paid staff?

    • PolyIndependent

      So you’re saying that socialized programs work?

      • tombt

        Fire & Rescue, police are pretty basic and constitutional. Not sure forcing folks to buy health care or the cradle to grave welfare state falls into the same category. But for arguments sake, I will go along and say, yes, up to a point, it can work. But socialism reaches a point where it self destructs because it tends to subsidize the wrong behaviors and it becomes too costly to maintain. Where is the tipping point? Who knows but human nature being what it is, socialized countries will inevitably find it.

        • PolyIndependent

          911 is basic life care. Are you saying that basic health coverage is different? Pick a side.

          • thephranc

            Yes health care and health coverage are different. You can get health care with out having health coverage.

            Easy and fun.

          • The_anniebanannie

            You don’t know the difference between 911 emergency services and the government forcing people to purchase health INSURANCE (no care involved)? Surely you’re not that ignorant.

        • SuperTalk

          Since when have 911 calls gone unfunded?
          Since Dems started diverting those tax dollars to their cronies in their Union de-jour.
          It’s easy to create a short fall with other peoples money. Give me your credit card and I’ll show you how and why you OWE MORE MONEY WHEN I”M DONE WITH IT. Scientific enough for ya?

  • tombt

    Well, Poly, I suggest because the people fielding those calls are already on the taxpayers dime so you want to add an additional fee for talking to them?

    • PolyIndependent

      How about fire/police then?

  • PolyIndependent

    Why shouldn’t 911 calls be charged for?

    • rogerb

      So you’re suggesting that tax funding for 911 call centers and the required responders be cut dramatically and individual calls are charged at the time of service? I could probably support that.

      • PolyIndependent

        And if you support that, you’ve drank the kool aid.

        • rogerb

          So you’re suggesting additional charges with no corresponding increase in service?

          • rogerb

            Is there no interest in discussion?