Joe Miller goes “Old Spice Guy” in new Alaska senate ad

YouTube Preview Image

There are plenty of “Old Spice” parodies to compete with, but Miller’s attempt stands up pretty well, getting his message across effectively and delivering a few laughs at Lisa Murkowski’s expense.

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  • Vuvuzela

    Great ad, but as a career Navy Chief I’d have to say, “Get you ass back to the barracks and shave, twinkie!” Army guys – can’t live with ’em, can’t throw ’em overboard!

  • JDoe

    Now THAT was a GREAT ad !

    Kudos to the company that conceived and produced that one !

  • leilani

    If Joe Miller is Old Spice, does that make Leeza McLousey Scary Spice?

  • SuperTalk

    almost hate to agree with des1 but yeah that was real nice

  • tjd0hwo

    Lisa is the quintessential (witch?):

    If she is your mom, you know she’s pissed (even when smiling).
    if she is your girlfriend, you know she’s getting ready to dump on you.
    if she is your wife, you know its going to be a long night.
    if she is your sister, you know you should be taking out the trash (anywhere but around)

    A pleasant lady, she even knows what the voters of Alaska “really meant”.

    If she is allowed to disrupt the Alaska election, I’m afraid Alaska would be in the same situation that Californians may find themselves with Moonbeam and Boxer (deserving what they get).

    Good-luck Alaskans.

  • des1