Christine O’Donnell says GOP establishment not helping her

WASHINGTON (AP) — Republican Senate nominee Christine O’Donnell of Delaware is calling out the Republican establishment in Washington for not helping her underdog campaign.

In an interview on ABC’s “This Week” that aired Sunday, the tea party favorite said she has asked the National Republican Senatorial Committee for help but that the group is standing on the sidelines even though her Democratic rival, Chris Coons, is getting a boost from his party.

A spokesman for the Republican committee, Brian Walsh, has noted that the group gave O’Donnell the maximum direct contribution of $42,000 and is working with her campaign.

The committee is not spending heavily on ads as it is in closer races elsewhere. Polls show Coons with a strong lead.

  • rubberneck

    If Mike Castle and the GOP did their homework on her, this would all be moot. Yeah, she rises to fame, but loses the GOP an election. I don’t dislike her, but she will never win any election. Enjoy Fox News.

  • leilani

    Oh, for heavens sake. In the immortal words of a another female candidate out west who happily doesn’t need this advice: Man up, Christine! If you defy the odds & win the seat, will you be whining if Daddy doesn’t hold your hand all day on the Senate floor too?

    That mean old big bad “establishment” you’ve missed no opportunity to publicly slime has already given you the maximum allowable & provided you with a boatload of consultants, polling & other resources.

    Are you actually suggesting they should take money away from much closer races which are far more winnable than yours just in order to add to that $4 mil massive pile you’ve been hoarding for yourself as a gesture of homage to your royal highness or something?

    And how exactly is the embarrassing spectacle of you playing the same damn professional victim card against somebody else every freaking day supposed to make Delawareans any more inclined to entrust their interests as well as the future interests of their children to your stewardship in Washington?

    You’re 40 something years old, so act like it, already and ditch the whiny self-centered schoolgirl schtick if you want to get elected. Contrary to what you may erroneously believe, these midterm elections are NOT.ALL.ABOUT.YOU. The future of our nation’s at stake here.

    Honestly, it looks like we Republicans have found ourselves our very own female version of Obama.

    • des1

      Thank you. If she wins, great. We need the seat and I would have been fine with Castle. If she loses, then it’s her own fault for running a race EVERYONE told her she couldn’t win (and Hannity, Limbaugh, & Levin’s fault for the non-stop spin machine).