Lawsuit alleges that Cincinnati Public School students bused to polls with sample ballots listing just Democrats

A lawsuit has been filed against the Cincinnati Public School system after high school students last week were driven in church vans to a polling station and given sample ballots listing only Democrats.

Alex M. Triantafilou, the chairman of the Hamilton County Republican Party, told The Daily Caller that it’s “OK” for the school system to transport students to vote, but the problem, he said, is when those activities have a “partisan bent to it.”

“If the allegations are proven to be true, it’s very disturbing,” he said.

According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, an attorney representing the school system admits that the students were taken to the board of elections office, but said the Democratic sample ballots were distributed by a former principal who no longer works for the school system. “We don’t admit any mistakes,” attorney Mark Stepaniak said.

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of a Republican candidate for county office in Cincinnati, as well as another political organization.

According to the paper, draft language is in the works for a restraining order that will keep students from being subjected to partisan electioneering.

  • wane

    These Libs have so circumvented our political process that acorn type corruption is rampant. Until we get laws enacted and then enforced we are at the mercy of special interests. How do teachers support a system that does such a terrible job of teaching our children in spite of the upward spiral of money going into the monster government money drain.

  • sunnyr

    Sue the crap out of this school district. This is ACORN-LIKE CORRUPTION!! All Ballots should be scrapped.

    This is what Barry and Me-Chelle meant by their “ground game.”

  • snappercat

    Do you suppose the Justice Department will investigate?

    • you go girl

      I wish someone would sue TEACHERS UNIONS(mostly NEA)!!! That is where this comes from. The union does the same thing to teachers all the time, so probably no one thought anything of it. Teachers have to pay high dues to the union whether they are in it or not-they are taken right out of our paychecks.These dues are used to openly promote DEmocratic candidates, tell teachers who to vote for (Democrats)ask them to become political activists for Democrats. They say, vote for these “pro-education” candidates but every year their list is ONLY Democrats, and not ONE Republican has EVER been on their pro-education list. I object to money I am forced to spend for dues being used to promote candidates I disagree with, and to fund propaganda against candidates I support. The teacher’s union calls us up to tell us who to vote for, devotes whole magazine issues to Democrat politicians, and teachers don’t say anything against the union for fear of losing their jobs (you DON’T talk against the union).

      There are many liberal teachers, but not all of us are, and we are not given any voice in the union. If you look into this, I think you will find some union involvement in this incident.

      So, can anyone tell me why teachers don’t have any freedom of speech rights when it comes to the union?????

  • independentvoter

    time for parents in this district to talk to their kids.. SOMEONE in this district should be honorable and stand up and ALL those ballots should be TOSSED.. what low lives the DEMOCRATS are I am so ashamed that I spent most of my adult life voting for the like of them..

  • didacticrogue

    Will anyone be holding their breath until the alphabet media reports on this story?

    … I didn’t think so.