Obama economic report focuses on women, ignores ‘Great Mancession’

While the recession has hit men far harder than women — so much so that some pundits have dubbed this economic downturn a “mancession” — the Obama administration is focusing on the struggles women are facing during these tough economic times.

The National Economic Council released a report Thursday detailing women’s economic hardships and the different ways the administration is helping to alleviate their pain.

The report heralds the president’s economic policies but acknowledges the need for more work. “Since his first day in office, President Obama has worked to lay the foundation for economic growth that creates good jobs and incomes for all Americans,” the report reads.

“Many of these policies have been particularly important for women. These policies have helped stave off a second Great Depression and get our economy growing again, but job growth is still not fast enough. The President is committed to continuing to push for an economy that provides economic security and jobs for America’s women.”

Critics, however, diverge from the president’s bright outlook, and question the focus on women.

Economist Mark Perry, visiting scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, told The Daily Caller that the lack of attention to the economic problems of men has been foolish.

“My initial impression of the report is that it completely ignores all of the significant and disproportionate hardships faced by men in the recession. We just went through an unprecedented ‘mancession,’ and it’s still not over,” Perry wrote in an e-mail to TheDC.

“[W]omen have done far better, due to career choices and being in industries less affected by recessions (health care and education), and being much better educated, etc,” he said noting that women have been outperforming men in the acquisition of degrees, earning 57.2 percent of college degrees awarded, 60.3 percent of master’s degrees, and 51.6 percent of doctor’s degrees.

It is difficult to deny, when looking at the numbers, that men have felt the effects of the recession more than their female counter parts. Perry notes that the most recent gap between male and female joblessness is 1.90 percent — high, but still below the peak August 2009 2.7 percent disparity.

Experts explain that the difference in unemployment is due largely to the fact that men make up many of the industries hit hardest by the recession, such as construction, finance, and manufacturing, while female-dominated fields, such as health care and education, have not felt the effects of the recession as much.

Veronique de Rugy, senior research fellow at the Mercatus Center, believes that the current focus on women is tied to the election and the administration’s “get out the vote” efforts.

“Women overwhelmingly voted for president Obama two years ago, I think it was like 56 percent. And so that is a target,” Rugy said. “You put a target on people you can get [to vote].”

The timing of the report’s release is extremely suspect, echoed Amy Siskind, president and founder of the feminist advocacy group The New Agenda.

“The Democrats are trying to go after voters that are traditionally loyal to the party,” Siskind said. “What has happened under this president and this administration is that women sort of feel like their issues have not been addressed, economic or otherwise with this president.”

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  • ladylove



  • jiminga

    Another campaign message from the campaigner-in-chief, laser focused on women as a voter group. As usual, the POTUS uses divide and conquer tactics in everthing he says and does.

    • ladylove

      you got that right.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Laura-J-Smyser/1238522832 Laura J Smyser

    Males have dominated the workforce for decades earning far more than women for comparable jobs, getting promotions that women are passed over for, the acceptance of sexism and sexual harassment in the workplace and generally treated as inferior. Women not only are the primary caregiver of the children, they are also expected to take care of the housework, cooking, family budget and organize everything for the kids in addition to holding down full time jobs. No sympathy here.

    I look forward to the new wave of elected officials being females and perhaps we can actually get something done without power and greed tainting principles and goals.

    If you have a nasty response to this post, then you are part of the problem.

    • OldMexican


      It is not true that women get a lesser salary than a man for the same job. People are paid according to their productivity, and the fact is women are less productive in certain areas than men, whereas they tend to be more productive in other areas, thus actually outperforming men.

      Read: http://www.ncpa.org/pub/ba392

    • thephranc

      So women are above power and greed?

      • ladylove

        not Nancy Pelosi

      • scorpioman

        Not Sarah Palin.

    • Robert_A_Hahn

      You are attempting to ride a dead horse into the ground. You would be more productive if you tried to grab a dilemma by the horns.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Anthony-Kang/518012133 Anthony Kang

      So you advocate workplace hiring/discrimination solely based on one’s sex/gender? I’m confused – everyone KNOWS there are ZERO differences between male and female and that gender is merely a “socially constructed phenomenon” right? That’s what I’ve been taught at least. I know this is just me, but something juuust doesn’t seem quite right with these mainstream “women’s advocacy” groups…

      As great free-market thinkers like Sowell and Stossel have said, and I paraphrase: if the wage gap is true, then why doesn’t EVERY business just hire ALL women??

      “Women need men like a fish needs a bicycle, ‘strong’ and ‘independent’ feminists like to say. How any group so helplessly dependent on the patriarchal teat of Uncle Sam can claim to be ‘strong’ and ‘independent’ is laughable at best. As the wage gap myth clearly demonstrates, the biggest irony of it all is the fact that modern-day feminists are the very antithesis.”

      Laura, if you have a nasty aversion to fact and logic, that’s your problem.


  • emem

    Further proof winning reelection is more important than salvaging the economy for EVERYONE. The most shallow president ever.

  • thephranc

    Identity politricks.