Juan Williams calls for the government to defund NPR

Juan Williams, the former National Public Radio news analyst who was abruptly fired this week for expressing a personal view on Fox News, called for the federal government to stop funding the radio organization.

“If they want to compete in the marketplace, they should compete in the marketplace,” Williams said Friday in an interview on “Fox and Friends”. “They don’t need public funds. I think that they should go out there. They think their product is so great, go out and sell the product.”

Williams lost his job as a news analyst for the organization Wednesday after he said publicly that he sometimes gets nervous in airports when he sees passengers who appear to “identify first and foremost as Muslims.”

About two percent of NPR’s budget comes from grants from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the National Endowment for the Arts, and the organization receives dues from local member stations that are largely taxpayer-funded. Williams joins a growing chorus of policymakers and commentators who have also called for the federal government to cut the organization off and force it to compete on its own like other news media outlets. A majority of the organization’s funding already comes from private donors and sponsors.

Williams also suggested that NPR feels entitled to taxpayer money, and called its need for public funds “nonsense.”

“And too often, they make it out like, ‘you know what, we are a public jewel and we need the protection of the federal government, we need federal funds that come through the member stations and they pay for this product.’ Nonsense,” he said.

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  • jonavark

    Of course we all know that Juan would have picked THIS WEEK to call for defunding NPR even if he were still working for them, right?

    I can’t stand the arrogant crap that flows from NPR’s liberal mouthpieces. Nor do I give a crap about Juan. He’s an idiot, always has been.

    But to call for their de-funding after being fired is .. well.. stupid.

  • The_anniebanannie

    It all comes down to the fact that the left-wing media outlets can’t have any uppity Blacks giving the impression that conservative thought, and by extension in their mind, Fox, is acceptable. There was no intention of some PC correctness to protect Muslims…they were merely a tool in NPR’s ultimate goal of getting rid of the uppity Black man that dared to be on Fox News.

  • marco6

    Antonio Damasio has written, “The inability to make sound social judgments, based on previous experience, of situations that are or are not conducive to one’s welfare has important consequences for those who are so affected. Immersed in a secure Pollyanna world, these individuals cannot protect themselves against simple and not so simple social risks and are thus more vulnerable and less independent than we are. Their life histories testify to this chronic impairment as much as they testify to the paramount importance of emotion in the governance not just of simple creatures but of humans as well.” He was writing on the physiological damage to the brains of individuals studied.

    Normal people are being instructed by NPR to suppress their fears and thus, make themselves more vulnerable. Although I recognize the wisdom in tempering ones fears, it is not for NPR to dictate how and what people should fear based on their personal previous experience. (e.g. 9/11/2001, violent crime, etc.)

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