O’Donnell: Coons’s Senate votes could bring family billions

Delaware GOP Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell, in a new campaign ad, said the family of her Democratic rival stands to gain “billions” from votes he would cast in the Senate.

Using a line of attack that has helped other Republicans in this campaign, Tea Party favorite O’Donnell accuses her opponent, New Castle County Executive Chris Coons, of blindly following the policies of President Obama.

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“She’ll stand for her principles against anyone,” the ad says. “But Chris Coons falls in line, ready to rubberstamp even the massive new energy tax that will cost every Delaware family thousands and could bring Coons’s family billions.”

The new ad shows a photo of Coons with Obama and Vice President Joe Biden, smiling and shaking hands. Coons was general counsel to W.L. Gore and Associates, which makes Gore-Tex, but is not involved in day-to-day operations. The Democrat holds stock in the company, which his stepfather owns.

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  • Sonny119

    Look, we all know that there will always be corruption, and corrupt politicians, in Washington DC, as everywhere else in the country, looking to steal the American Tax payers blind, and make themselves Rich Millionaires in the process, but if we keep sending the same old People who keep doing these things, then we, the people, are as much to blame, as the corrupt politicians, which is why we, the American People, MUST STOP voting for these people into office and power.!!!
    This standard Operating Procedure stops here and now, as we the American People, must stop thinking that they must have slick, polished, money pocket filled politicians, to represent them in Washington DC, instead of sending Average Ordinary Hard Working American People. Average People are the Nation, and only average regular everyday ordinary American citizens, the People, can stop the insanity of Washington DC Corruption, and Politics as usual. Why, because we, the American People, must always , always, be involved and vigilant, and hold them Politicians accountable for any and all actions they take, on their constituents behalf, and NOT on behalf of their own personal enrichment, at the Tax Payer’s expense. otherwise, we lose, and we, the people, will not lose.!!!
    So, Vote for Christine O’Donnell, if you agree with me, otherwise, kiss your Freedom, Liberty, and Tax Money good bye.. and guess where it is all going.. that’s right, in Obama’s buddies pockets, like Mr. Chris Coons..

  • independentvoter

    lets see how smart the voters of this state are.. if they vote for Coons knowing this than they should pay all our energy increases they apparently have to much money.. NOW this may be one of the NOVEMBER surprises.. I would LMAO if a retired teen aged witch beats the Coons..

  • truebearing

    This is the Tale of the Bearded Marxist, and his Commie Crony Capitalism.

  • Supernatural Witness

    Be sure to read Ann Coulter’s column this week about the Coons/Odonnell debate including Coons at first lying and then having to admit that his company will profit from capandtax.