Coons camp hoping Sarah Palin will campaign for Christine O’Donnell

Who does Delaware Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Chris Coons want campaigning in Delaware? Sarah Palin, of course.

Facing attention-grabbing Republican candidate Christine O’Donnell, the Coons campaign sent an e-mail to supporters Tuesday wondering aloud why the matriarch of the “Mama Grizzlies” hadn’t yet fulfilled a promise to campaign for the struggling candidate.

“The Delaware Republican Party turned its back on O’Donnell. Then the National Republican Senatorial Committee turned off their support,” read the letter. “Sarah Palin’s absence in Delaware is a sign that she is set to do the same?”

Far from a rhetorical question, the Coons campaign seems eager to actually have the former vice presidential candidate make an appearance for O’Donnell.

“I think Sarah Palin coming in would be great,” said Coons’ Communications Director Daniel McElhatton. “Sarah Palin, Jim DeMint, [and] Christine O’Donnell have all the same types of ideology and policy positions … So if Sarah Palin wants to come in and articulate those positions to Delawareans, all the better.”

The Coons camp’s eagerness to have Palin stump for O’Donnell might be reflected in a recent Gallup poll that suggests Palin has a negative net impact of 16 percent on independent voters, though it’s not as bad as President Obama’s negative net impact of 27 percent.

While polls currently show Coons leading the race by double digits, the O’Donnell camp recently sent a message to supporters claiming that gap between the two was shrinking.

“Chris Coons’ tired rhetoric is wearing thin and the polls are showing it,” read the message.

The O’Donnell campaign was unavailable for comment.

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  • vintageautomobilia

    Coons is a typical Democrat ZOMBIE who votes exactly as he is told to vote. Throw the bums out!

  • pneftali72@yahoo.com

    Lets get Palin to help this young conservative in the senate. Dems have already shown us what they will do again. Does anybody out there thinks that Dems will do anythin different? At least the Republicans that we support in the TEA Party will be elected with a mandate to fix Washington or we will fix them in the next election. But who is looking at the Dems if they play the stupid game again? VOTE FOR O’Donnell

  • pneftali72@yahoo.com

    Who the hell is Obama? He is supposed to be the Prez not a politian for a while..stupid!

  • savage24

    The people of Delaware should be proud of themselves for their backing of a junior Marxist and tax and spend Democrat. Surely the “Cradle of Democracy” has turned into the “Cradle of Socialism”. Our Founding Fathers are spinning in their graves at this surrender of the Republic. Surrender without a shot being fired equals cowardice compounded by foolishness.

  • philipjames

    I thought we already knew that this was happening…

    Gov. Palin will “definitely” be in Wilmington, Delaware when the Tea Party Express bus tour rolls in to Dravo Plaza on South Madison Street for a 3 PM (local time) Oct. 31st Rally.
    Watching C-SPAN when Tea Party Express founder, Sal Russo, said he is heading to Delaware this weekend to rally for O’Donnell. I made a few calls and discovered that area businesses have been contacted by Palin’s ‘people’ and yes, she is [definitely] going to be traveling here with the Tea Party Express.”

    • loudog

      Who’s Gov. Palin?

      • grayzel

        She is the woman you love to hate.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Chuck-Fowler/100000949405580 Chuck Fowler

        Who’s Gov. Palin?

        Oh, just the dumber-than-a-sack-of-bricks chick who’s made herself into a multi-millionaire, who picked and backed the most conservative candidates who’ve won this election cycle, who can make a candidate hundreds of thousands of dollars just by showing up, who can capture a whole news cycle with a tweet, who remains popular across the country except for the Left Coast and among the elitist ivory tower academics, journolistas and insider snobs of DC and New Yawk, and who still can make liberals, both in and out of the lamestream media, pull their hair out, run around in circles like chickens with their heads cut off and babble incomprehensibly while frothing at the mouth.

        That’s who Gov. Palin is. How do YOU measure success, you twit? Can ya cope? Bwah-ha-ha-ha.

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