O’Keefe video appears to show New Jersey union official describing voter fraud

Daily Caller Exclusive

A new video by conservative activist James O’Keefe appears to show a New Jersey union official describing voter fraud during a Jersey City mayor’s race several years ago.

O’Keefe would not tell The Daily Caller how he obtained what appears to be audio of Wayne Dibofsky, the associate director of the New Jersey Education Association, admitting that voter fraud took place inside the union’s Jersey City office in 1997.

The incident Dibofsky seems to describe took place during a race that pitted conservative Republican Bret Schundler, the incumbent, against Democrat Jaime Vazquez. On O’Keefe’s video, a man identified as Dibofsky recalls that on election day 1997, a man arrived at the Jersey City union office and dropped off two voting machines.

“I said, ‘we’re not a voting precinct,’” Dibofsky explains. “And the guy says, ‘I don’t care, I was told to deliver them here.’ I said, ‘nobody is going to come and vote,’ and he winks at me and he says ‘doesn’t matter,’ which meant the machines were already loaded, locked and voted, vote tallies were added.”

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The man identified as Dibofsky goes on to say that during the course of election day, no voters came to the office, which was not a legitimate polling place. Yet after several hours, unidentified workers returned and picked up the machines. “I called the clerk’s office. They said, ‘Just leave well enough alone,’ and I knew that meant to be quiet.”

Though Schundler won reelection that year, Dibofsky says in the video that, thanks to fraud, the Democratic challenger carried the precinct in which the NJEA office was located.

“That was a tough district for the Democrat candidate to win in and they carried the district with those voting machines and nobody came in and voted. That’s Hudson County,” Dibofsky says.

O’Keefe says the video raises at least as many questions as it answers. “In how many other districts were voting machines brought in?”

The video is one of two O’Keefe has released this week. The first seems to capture New Jersey teachers’ union members boasting that even teachers who sling racial epithets at students cannot be fired under current tenure rules.

On Monday, O’Keefe’s organization sponsored a press event at the New Jersey legislature, at which Media Matters, a widely discredited left-wing advocacy group showed up – and, as O’Keefe describes it, railed on the fact that he wasn’t personally at the event.

“They can’t spin a teacher calling a student the ‘N-word,’” O’Keefe told TheDC in a phone interview.

A spokesperson at the Hudson County Clerk’s office’s division of elections told TheDC that election records are kept for just five years, meaning the 1997 records have been destroyed.

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  • des1

    BTW, Poly I’mAFraud lied about something else as well. He claimed that Andrew Breitbart had severed all ties with his “former protege” O’Keefe. If you’d care to go to any of Andrew’s sites, you’ll find O’Keefe’s video and Andrew’s column about it and Gov Christie’s reaction.

    Seriously, has Poly ever said anything that was factually accurate?

    • truebearing

      Not intentionally.

      Polly is waiting by his front door, anxiously awaiting his copy of Partial Birth Abortion Bloopers II.

      • des1

        I hear it’s a laugh riot… {sigh}

  • student1776

    The left are completely corrupt and dishonest. Unsurprising. When you make your living ripping off the taxpayers, corruption comes naturally. When you life centers not on creating real wealth, real products, real services in the real world but rather on manipulating people with lies, spin and illusions in order to rip them off, dishonesty is a standard operating procedure.

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  • des1

    I was going to post this as a reply to Chris (our Liberal tool de jour), but it’s too funny to put on the back page. This was a direct lie from Media matters that he repeated here as a “fact.” BigJournalism debunked it eight months ago, but I guess actual news takes a while to get through to Liberals.

    Liberal Myth: An “independent report” by a former Attorney General from Massachusetts establishes that the videos have been doctored in a misleading fashion. O’Keefe overdubbed voices to make it appear that ACORN employees were responding to one question, when in fact they were responding to a very different question.

    After going on to post a half-dozen examples (ones which look strikingly like what Chris and Poly have been posting for the last two days), they debunk it.

    Fact: The report is by a paid ACORN consultant who did not allege misleading voiceovers, who did not interview the ACORN employees in the videos, who admits that his evidence is secondhand, and who never acknowledges the existence of unedited audio.

    Harshbarger did not say the videos were doctored to make ACORN look bad. His report said there were edits and narrative voiceovers — just like in any documentary. It did not say those edits and narrative voiceovers were misleading.

    And if any of you Libtards would like to hear the UNEDITED AUDIO, here is your link. http://biggovernment.com/acorn/

    As I pointed out before, because of threats of lawsuits, they are not allowed to air both the audio and video anymore.

    • des1

      As Annie first pointed out yesterday, Harshberger’s report was the ONLY thing that the three AGs used to base their opinion on that ACORN employees did nothing wrong. Of course you won’t hear that from our Liberal trolls. They’ll just quote Wikipedia and claim that everyone who disagrees must get all their news from Rush Limbaugh and Fox. {sigh}

      • des1

        Sorry, I did make one mistake. The Liberal tool working for ACORN’s spin machine was named Harshbarger. My apologies for misspelling his name.

        Oh yeah, and here’s another quote…

        What’s more, Harshbarger was hardly conducting an independent investigation. He was a consultant paid by ACORN — as independent as a researcher paid by a tobacco company who finds no link between cigarettes and lung cancer.

        According to the New York Times, Harshbarger “comes from the liberal, Democratic side of the political divide.”

        And he didn’t interview any of the ACORN employees that appeared in the tapes.

        We did not interview the employees captured on video, since we were satisfied there was no question that the visits occurred and the comments were made. . . . Hence, all our knowledge about the videos is largely circumstantial and secondhand.

        • truebearing


          Don’t expect any comments from any of the leftist tools. You’ve created a leftist allergy zone by posting the truth.

        • Matthew Boyle

          des1 – thank you for providing all the background info on this post. Much appreciated. :)

      • The_anniebanannie

        Thanks, Des. I don’t know why these fools keep repeating the same debunked talking points about the ACORN videos and the AG’s.

    • des1

      Interesting….little Chrissy has run away and doesn’t want to play anymore. Poly has decided to stop quoting Wikipedia as well.

      Too bad…I could keep going on this all day.

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