Charlie Cook: I’ll be sacking groceries if Democrats retain House

Veteran election handicapper Charlie Cook left no doubt Wednesday that he believes a large wave will sweep Republicans into control of the House next week.

The founder of the Cook Political Report said he will be “sacking groceries” if Democrats manage to cling to power in the lower chamber.

Republicans need to net 39 seats to win the majority in the House. Cook, appearing on MSNBC, said 100 seats are in play.

If anything surprising happens election day, Cook said, it will be how bad Democrats fare.

“To be honest, I think the odds are higher that it’s over 60 than under 40,” he said of how many seats Democrats will lose.

He predicts Democrats will lose between 48 to 60 seats.

“It’s been a long time since we’ve had anything like this happening,” Cook said.

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  • rourke37205

    Reading between the lines I think Charlie is being conservative. He say that the GOP could pick up more than 60.

    If the voters really turn out it could be far far worse for the Dems. I did my own poll of my employees in CA, TX, GA, MI, and TN who are a mix of male, female, young and old and the consensus of over 100 was to not vote for a Dem. I am assuming they told me the truth but is that not what all the polling companies say?.

    This year is the perfect storm for the Dems as it the Governor races that could give them 10 cycles out of power due to redistricting. Last I saw the GOP was looking at 30 states.

  • ojfl

    Speaker Pelosi must be a little worried right now…

  • JLSpyder

    Charlie Cook is easily the most accurate predicter of outcomes. I am sure he won’t be “bagging groceries.”

  • OthugoisaLOSER3

    COOK OBVIOUSLY thinks SOMEONE has been PLAYING WITH CERTAIN NUMBERS in the polls to make it LOOK like the dems are doing better then they appear at FIRST BLUSH.