Media Research Center documents ABC, CBS, NBC bias

Media Research Center, a watchdog group, documented bias of evening newscasts on ABC, NBC and CBS from September 1 through October 25, and released a new report Wednesday highlighting its findings.

The study, conducted only on the three major networks’ evening newscasts, found that while 35 stories over the time period label Tea Party and Republican candidates “extreme,” none labeled Democratic candidates as extreme. Reporters called candidates conservative 48 times but only used the liberal label 14 times.

Also, no Democrat or left-wing candidate was deemed ultra-liberal –- but Republican Senate candidates Joe Miller in Alaska and Christine O’Donnell in Delaware were both deemed “ultra-conservative.”

“It became obvious as the campaign unfolded that the new narrative that the press was providing was the Tea Party being extreme people,” Rich Noyes, MRC’s director of research and the report’s author, said. “But, the narrative that we’ve had over the past two years has been about the public growing more dissatisfied with what they see in Obama and Congressional Democrats. It was amazing that there was a shutout of that point of view in the fall campaign coverage on CBS, ABC and NBC.”

While Noyes doubts the media’s bias will have a huge influence on the midterm elections, he did say that the bias might have some effect in close races.

Noyes told The Daily Caller that he understands why Democratic strategists want the media to focus on Delaware’s Tea Party darling Christine O’Donnell, but he’s surprised that major media outlets, specifically the evening newscasts on CBS, NBC and ABC, would promote the Democrats’ agenda.

“If you were making a list of the closest, most pivotal race, you probably wouldn’t start with her [Christine O’Donnell] and Chris Coons,” Noyes said. “You’d probably put more time into things like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Colorado – these are races that have been single-digits for quite some time. Nevada’s a really close race too, but that has been getting a lot of attention.”

  • riseabove

    As long as there are airheads still out there willing to tune in, there will be media riffraff. I mean, eight or nine years after the September 11th attacks I was sitting next to a woman in a hospital CAT-Scan room listening to the news about terrorism on television when she suddenly blurted out, “Why are they doing this? What do they WANT from us?”

    I just couldn’t believe she still had no clue.

    Even advanced societies can break down. We’re witnessing it. The real question isn’t why it’s happening or how it happened, but what this ever-expanding chasm of ideologies will lead to? We’re kidding ourselves if we think a House and Senate win will make everything right. It won’t. The radical left won’t dissipate like morning fog. They won’t go away. They’ll only become more determined to succeed….and things will eventually get a whole lot nastier.

    We simply don’t have the time, energy, inclination or power to fill up the Grand Canyon with dirt. We cannot bridge this gap. So, what’ll it all lead to? Where are we going? And might the prophesies found in Matthew and Revelation really be coming true? Are we wasting our precious time arguing amongst ourselves rather than searching for the real answers, the ones that make sense, in God’s Word, the bible?


    Ahh!, the media aren’t they something?..Well,… here is my humble take, walk with me;


    So,…what is to be expect from ANYONE FROM MSNBC,CNN, OR ANY OTHER TV TABLOID?….the galaxy only knows!!!!???..on the other hand ….not much.

    Well, you see, those so called journalists are really a pack of pathetic excuse of the real thing…I would call them ‘ANCHORZOIDS’ AND ‘ANCHORETTS’…or just plain ‘talkers’ – and I am doing them a favour.

    Anyway, none of theM are worth to pay attention to,… since anyone from any of them tv tabloids are for real journalistic endevours – ALL OF THEM – are strong cases of monumental dichotomy.

    If you want a good laugh once in a while , then go there….for comedy is the only thing that can justify their ‘work’,,,even Jon Stewart is better…(perhaps I am exagerating here)…but anyway, that is the way I see it…and of course I could be wrong.

    Those people ARE without self-definition…and totally ungrounded.

    They really try to sound smart,…but fail the intent..they dilute themselves in an ocean of reverberating contradictions.

    Such are the cases of all of them…and there we have people such as…Kristen Powers, Alan Colmes,..Maddox,..Anderson Cooper,..Olberman,…Soleded O’Brien,…Jon Stewart,..Juan Williams,…Nora O’Donnell,…John King,…Ricardo(‘Ricky’)Sanchez,…Roland Martin,… Bob Beckel,..Robert Gibbs,..Wolf Blitzer,…Geraldo Rivera,..Chris Matthews,…Katie Couric,…George Stephanopoulos,…Cristian Amanpour,..and others,…just name them.


    FROM A PUTRID BANANA TO A SEVEN DAYS DECOMPOSED LIZARD…for this kind of individuals are in PATHOLOGICAL DENIAL OF REALITY…in others words, their minds are not quite clear, to say the least.

    However their presentation (beleive it or not) in the political spectrum is a valid one.

    And so – for not to say how pathetic (if not idiotic) they all sound -,…their remarks serves a purpose,…for there – with that talking about many things, without serious nor subsatncial facts to back-up statements – we can have the ‘clown-effect’ that at times comes so refreshing.

    Just a thought.

    Opinions welcome.

    Daniel Cabrera

  • OthugoisaLOSER3

    How can a person view CBS as a LEGIT NEWS SOURCE after they treated OPPONENTS
    of the GZ MOSQUE so shabbily on 60 MINUTES???????????????
    I haven’t watch the LSM since the advent of FOX NEWS and I HONESTLY
    don’t think I’ve missed a SINGLE breajing story

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  • monkeybird

    I’ve not watched ABC, NBC, CBS since Obama 2nd month of office. I don’t miss them at all. People need to turn the channel. The advertisers will look elsewhere for generating revenue, and the problem will be solved.

  • clw

    The alphabet soup of networks are desperately SCROUNGING for ratings crumbs because everyone can see their liberal bias, and no one wants to watch that!

    There are a trillion other places to get news from and that’s what Americans do. We have six zillion channels on TV, we have radio, and there is no limit to the internet. Why on Earth would ANYONE watch those lame network “news” programs?

  • Ryan.Iowa

    Is anyone really that surprised.

    • Matthew Boyle

      Ryan.Iowa – I don’t think anyone’s really surprised that the networks are biased – I think the surprising part of this is how biased they are.

      • gatortarian

        Not really, they seem to given up all pretenses once Obama ran for office. Thanks for the article though, it’s nice to see it backed up with numbers. I mean I never, ever remember hearing the words “ultra-liberal” from the MSM. I do remember “Liberal Lion” being used to describe Ted Kennedy right after calling someone a “staunch conservative”. The media has been playing word games like that for the 2 or 3 decades or so I have followed politics.

        • Matthew Boyle

          Well, yeah, the MSM gave up their last shreds of credibility during the 2008 presidential campaign – TheDC’s JournoList coverage evidenced that. But, it definitely is refreshing to read some actual statistics proving the bias again. The majority of reporters and journalists don’t even see their own bias – they think like left-wingers, so that’s center to them.

          Glad you liked the story!

          • pink

            “The majority of reporters and journalists don’t even see their own bias…”

            That would include the right wingers.

          • truebearing

            Oh-Oh! Toad Pink worked up a devastating equivalency, in her own one celled mind.

            Where is your evidence, toadie?

      • des1

        “I don’t think anyone’s really surprised that the networks are biased…”

        Evidently the Liberals on this site are quite shocked at the accusation. {sigh}

  • flips

    Media Research Center’s funders:

    Exxon Mobil
    The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation, Inc.
    Sarah Scaife Foundation
    Castle Rock Foundation
    John M. Olin Foundation, Inc.
    The Carthage Foundation
    JM Foundation

    They have a credibility problem of their own.

    • thephranc

      What does funding have to do with counting?

      Does Media Maters have the same problem?

      Can you answer these questions honestly?

      • talibangelical

        They are part of the Newsbusters group. You drink their milkshake and their corporate donors laugh because you dance for free.

        • thephranc

          I see you couldn’t answer the question honestly, chump.

          • papa1

            I realize that they are annoying, but you can’t educate them. When you answer them you feed them. If you feed them, they won’t go away.

          • thephranc

            I don’t want them to go away. Making them look like liars and losers is fun.

          • grayzel

            I agree, it is fun. Please keep it up.

          • des1

            Even though it seems pointless, it is important to out Libs as liars (or just uninformed). That’s how they’ve gained so much power, by making ridiculous claims that went unchallenged until people started assuming there must be some truth in them. BigJournalism is now covering the story of a local news anchor who spent his entire interview about the “Teachers Gone Wild” video asking James O’Keefe who paid for the video and who made the decision to go to that event. These Liberals act like that because they believe they can get away with it unchallenged. You have to remind them at every turn that they won’t.

            Take the O’Keefe thread the other day. You had two Liberal douchebags come on and spread disinformation about O’Keefe and ACORN. They did it proudly without expecting to be challenged. We provided the actual facts and they ran away like the gutless little cowards they are.

    • ojfl


      Money needs to come from somewhere. All the research and commentary you can get in the MRC websites needs to be paid for. Why is it wrong to ask for money from companies? Most news companies today are conglomerates, companies. Is that wrong? Are you an advocate that news to be objective needs to be state sponsored? Or non-profit?

      • Matthew Boyle

        ojfl – as an aside – non-profit journalism projects have experienced very inconsistent success in sustainability (I’m not saying there aren’t any success stories, but they’re few and far between) – and, they don’t have the competitive mindset required to compete in getting news out to readers as fast and as accurately as possible.

        State-sponsored news would be appalling. There’s a reason for that First Amendment to the constitution.

    • des1

      “Media Research Center’s funders:

      Exxon Mobil
      The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation, Inc.
      Sarah Scaife Foundation
      Castle Rock Foundation
      John M. Olin Foundation, Inc.
      The Carthage Foundation
      JM Foundation”

      Barack Obama’s funders…

      BP Oil
      George Soros
      Osama, Monir and Hossam Edwan (Palestinians)

      So who has the problem with credibility again?

      • gooners

        The Daily Caller trump card – Media Research Center isn’t biased because OBAMA! Well played, sir. Hey who was the guy that just gave a huge donation to NPR? Doesn’t matter, I guess, because the funding has to come from somewhere and it in no way could affect what is reported.

        If you all really want to take issue with Joe Miller and Christine O’Donnell being labeled “ultra-conservative” that’s your prerogative – but remember that the alternative is to label them “regular old mainstream Republicans” – which I think they are, but I don’t get to be on teevee.

        • The_anniebanannie

          Why is it so difficult for you and flips to read and comprehend? MRC makes their agenda very clear – to show liberal bias in the media. CBS, ABC, and NBC news programs claim to be unbiased and pretend to give the news as facts. They lie and so do you.

          • gooners

            Oh, so a group set up to find liberal bias in the media releases a report finding liberal bias in the media – can’t argue with solid science like that.

            So…where did I lie?

          • des1

            “Why is it so difficult for you and flips to read and comprehend?”

            Why do you ask questions when the answers are so obvious?

            Gooners won’t believe the MSM is biased until Jon Stewart tells him they are….you know, because Jon Stewart is the height of impartiality.

          • truebearing


            Your comment was non sequitur. It doesn’t necessarily follow that a group set up to prove bias is automatically wrong because they have a political bias. They can be as biased as hell, but if their facts bear out the bias of the media, it is still valid.

            Instead of pointless blather, why didn’t you disprove them? Their research is readily available. Prove them wrong.

            I won’t hold my breath.

      • ladylove

        des1 10 points flips 0 points.

        as always

      • truebearing


        Don’t forget the Democratic Socialists of America, Communist Party USA, ACORN, and all of the foreign money he hides.

    • wlinsley

      Yes, the fact that the MSM continuously referred to Tea Party people as “extreme” (one example) is the result of who founded Media Matters.

    • grayzel

      “conducted only on the three major networks’ evening newscasts, found that while 35 stories over the time period label Tea Party and Republican candidates “extreme,”

      I have been called extreme, asto-turfer, Nazi, racist and stupid. None of these must be sticking because they are now back to Nazi and extreme. So it shall be as more and more people flee from the Democrat party and join the TEA Party.

    • truebearing


      I am sure you think Mr. Evil, George Soros, handing 2 million dollars to National Progressive Radio is just fine.

      The only reason you are upset about the funding of any conservative group is that it gives them an opportunity to exercise free speech, something the left hates and wants crushed.

      You idiot totalitarianists can’t stand diversity of opinion. You hate economic self determination. You despise the right to bear arms, or giving the citizenry the ability to protect themselves from tyranny. You writhe in venomous rage when the left is exposed by the only media in this nation with any integrity, that supported by this country’s patriots.

      You want darkness and thralldom. You want another leftist regime where the citizens are more afraid of their own government than any foreign foe. You support the destruction of freedom and replacing it with another Marxist Mortacracy, and all because you’re a depraved, deluded dogmatist, filled with racial hate. Why don’t you regale us again with your anti-white rap.