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Mary Katharine Ham presents: The Infirmityville Horror

During the 2008 presidential campaign, the Dems told us that John McCain was so old, he’d probably drop dead of instacancer before he could even put his hand on the Bible. But that was a whole two years ago. Forget about hating the elderly, you guys. Now it’s time to be scared that the crazy Republicans want to destroy them!

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(The broken air hockey table is my fault. Hey, nothing can get in my way when I gotta dance.)

  • mikeshopro

    Why can’t they just “Die Quickly”?

  • didacticrogue

    ROTFL@”Adam, go and get a switch from the yard.”

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  • HillBillySam1

    I love the exploitation of old people! They’re old. However, you must use caution when scaring the elderly! Grandma might be packin’ heat! I ain’t talkin’ Icy Hot, either! My grandma proudly wears her T-shirt with the slogan “One shot: One kill!!”. Politicians beware when they come courtin’ the Geritol constituency! Especially if it’s during their “shows” on TV. I’m tired of diggin’ all of these holes, Grandma!!!