Tim Scott: first black Republican elected to Congress from the South since Reconstruction

South Carolina Republican Tim Scott made history Tuesday night by becoming the first African-American Republican to be elected to Congress from the Deep South since Reconstruction and the first African-American Republican congressman since J.C. Watts in 2003.

Elected to South Carolina’s First District — a coastal area running from Charleston to Myrtle Beach — Scott is a veritable Tea Party representative, not only receiving endorsements from Sarah Palin and Tea Party activists, but also telling The Daily Caller in July that he was more inclined to join the Tea Party Caucus than the Congressional Black Caucus.

Running on a platform of fiscal restraint, repeal of the health care law, low taxes, and smaller government, Scott’s message won the day.

“Voters are more interested in your issues than in any other characteristic,” Scott told a Newsweek in June.

“Nonetheless, the ability of South Carolina’s white Republicans to get behind a black candidate, even a conservative one, may strike some political observers as remarkable, particularly because South Carolina is arguably the most unlikely of all Southern states to host such a racial breakthrough,” wrote Newsweek’s Ben Adler.

Despite the incredulity of Newsweek, the district where the Civil War commenced elected one of the 14 black Republicans seeking House seats this year.

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  • SamAdams25

    Congratulations Congressman-Elect Scott! I sincerely hope that you do join the Tea Party Caucus, and assure you that you will be quite welcome.

    It’s the Old Guard that you’d better watch out for. They are not so comfortable with a challenge to their power. They will either get religion and accept the will of the people, or be swept aside in primaries.

  • rockhard

    to me this is nothing really to cheer about we don’t have to prove anything to liberals by electing a black man to congress in a white district..for us to move forward we need blacks to elect black conservatives not whites electing them to prove something,., dem could call us racist all they want lets see who are the real racist dem get 95% of the black vote and don’t have a single black senator now that’s racist.

    I don’t like falling into the liberal trap of having to elect people based on their race to prove something to liberals, we are a open party to all people of all races we should not act like liberals and see everything through race, all are welcome if they believe in conservative values in the repub party, black white female it doesn’t matter.

  • sunnyr

    Congratulation, Mr. Scott, and WELCOME! We know you will do us proud. Best of luck to you.

  • Momma M

    I find it very revealing that the “racist” party has now put into office the First Black Congressman of SC.. the First Woman Gov…. and a host of other “diverse” representatives…(Blacks, Women, Latinos)

    Exactly who were the Democrats calling racist?

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  • didacticrogue

    Sadly and predictably, the folks at HuffPo (some “moderators” themselves) are screaming “Uncle Tom!” faster than the moderators can scrub their comments.

    • jonavark

      Yeah.. like it was a surprise to them there were no blacks running for Senate. Desperate fools.

  • georgiapeach

    Sorry but I am going to vent some here! I am sick and tired of the condescending way the big city liberal MSM portrays people in the south as inherently racist Klan members!!!!! I am NOT surprised one bit that a black man won a race in SC!!!

    I wish these people would actually take their blinders off and come on down and visit our communities, not a place like Columbia, but the small towns that are all over the south…..Guess what??? WE have less self segregation than any town I have visited in the NE!!!

    • georgiapeach

      One other thing…I have family from Charleston up to Murrell’s Inlet and guess what? They voted for the Conservative….not the Black Guy, like the libs like to think we refer to them!!!!

      Rant over

      • Scrap Iron

        No one (I hope) cares that he has more melanin than other candidates.
        They care that he shares the same conservative values.

        They voted on the character of the man, not the color of his skin.
        How can that be??

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