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Johnny Dollar takes Rachel Maddow to school

It’s becoming clearer by the hour that the hallowed halls of MSNBC are in utter chaos. Johnny Dollar provides further proof via the simple method of repeating their own words back to them:

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You tell ’em, Keith! Much more at Johnny Dollar’s Place.

P.S. And don’t forget:

YouTube Preview Image

You can tell she does her homework because she puts pieces of paper all over the floor!

P.P.S. The greatest writer in the English language presents: “A Statement to the Viewers of Countdown.”

  • joep55truthseeker

    Fart!!!!!!! Nice goin’, Keith. And your bosses will just love your fan(atic) thank-you letter too, i’m sure.

    Maddow does these lies ALL THE TIME. Looks seriously into the camera and sounds so confident and honest and genuinely concerned about educating us dummies as she cherry-picks her information and twists it around to fit into her far-left ideological box (or in the case of the videos here, just lies outright and somehow thinks it’s okay).

    How can she sleep at night? She’s very highly educated and is not stupid. I wonder just how, with all her education, she hasn’t had some kind of moral/ethical mental breakdown from the guilt she should be feeling for twisting facts and essentially spreading false information to her loyal viewers.

    Only thing I can figure is that she’s so damned convinced that her far-left ideoloy is the best thing for America that she has justified her disinformation campaign as somehow being for the greater good. She really just too smart to believe what she is saying.

    Or, and this would be very sad, her belief in her ideology is so strong that no amount of education and critical thinking and analytical skills will overcome this extreme ideological bent she has adopted. If that’s the case, then it’s such a waste of a good education.

    When are we going to see Ruth doing a weekly column on Maddow like the one she does on Olbermann. I’ve been waiting for a while for this; hopefully won’t have to wait much longer. And don’t forget Matthews and Schultz (unless, that is, they’re just too obvious and ill-informed to bother with).

  • wamk

    Think how much truthier she could be if MSNBC could afford to buy her a desk..

    Nickels and dimes!

  • Sidez

    I think they actually believe that they are a non-partisan unbiased news operation. It is part and parcel of the kool-aid drinking left that they buy into their own talking points, no matter how ridiculous, or how discredited they are. That’s why Olbermann got suspended. They actually thought that they had some standards left to defend.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bigg-Fakehand/100000898423974 Bigg Fakehand

    Rachel Maddow before joining the band


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  • skink

    “You can tell she does her homework because she puts pieces of paper all over the floor!”

    Nahhhh, it’s because she’s not quite housebroken.

  • gary9868

    Who is this guy Maddow? He seems pretty self-righteous for such a skinny fella.