Crowds gone wild: Top 10 crazy Black Friday photos [SLIDESHOW]

No matter what you think of Black Friday, it’s always highly amusing to see shoppers (hunters) waiting to pounce on stores (victims) at 3am the morning after Thanksgiving.  No product is safe when the doors are opened and they viciously attack the items on sale inside. Are the bargains really that good? Who knows, but these people certainly seem to think so.

Here are 10 photos of shoppers gone wild from last year. Be advised, some content may not be appropriate for children.

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  • "Chirp for me Zhu Zhu Pet, chirp for me!"
  • Shoppers are not afraid of flirting with the idea of being (and looking) homeless for a night in pursuit of a bargain.
  • This Washington, DC shopper didn't bring his rubber-soled shoes and as a result is about to become Black Friday roadkill.
  • Nothing -- not even ill-fitting, stonewashed jeans -- is safe.
  • Men pictured in line at Best Buy purchasing "presents" for their "loved ones"
  • Is it a crowd of people ... or cattle? Honestly, we can't tell the difference.
  • Pure, unadulterated glee on the face of a girl who just snagged some fuzzy looking garmets, possibly after fighting off the middle-aged women behind her.
  • The crowds are unleashed on the unsuspecting store.
  • Moments before people lept over the counter and devoured the clerk holding the electronics.