Cables: US diplomats ‘spied’ on UN

US diplomats were ordered to gather intelligence on senior foreign figures, including UN officials, a huge cache of leaked diplomatic cables have revealed.

The revelations came on Sunday, as details of thousands of classified state department files were posted on news websites around the world.

The cables show that in recent years officials at the US state department were ordered to gather detailed information, including credit card details and frequent-flier numbers of senior international figures for the US government’s human intelligence programme.

The UN appears to have been a particular target of the secret programme, with diplomats directed to gather a range of information about the organisation and its staff.

Full story: Cables: US diplomats ‘spied’ on UN – Americas – Al Jazeera English

  • aposematic

    If anything about this is surprising, it would be that these Diplomats would have to be told to do so in the first place.

  • beebop

    Didn’t 0bama throw a FIT when he thought someone looked at his passport records? Now it’s okay to do this stuff? Does anyone who supports him not see the kettle thinks it’s better than the pot?